Get a Cold Room Fitted With Expert Cold Room Suppliers

If you are looking to install a cold room for your food preparation or storage needs then going to a well respected supplier is essential. There are many cold room suppliers out there with many years of experience designing and installing these cold rooms, and they have the experience and know how to meet any challenge.

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You can expect attention to detail when you are having your cold room fitted by a reputable supplier. You will get a practical cold room which is durable and gives you value for your money. Using computer aided design, you can be sure that the cold room meets your needs and is designed to precise specifications. You can get the design speed up thanks to these computer design tools, so that you get a simplified design. This makes it possible to manufacture anything from a large industrial warehouse to a small modular cold room.

The best companies will not give you the nearest size available to what you want; they will instead do the design for you and manufacture the room to meet your exact requirements. You can get a personal and individual service with these top suppliers who understand the pressure you are working under and what you will be trying to achieve.

You can expect that the cold room or freezer you install with these companies will be designed using the latest insulation technology so that you can save on power and resources. There will also be a wide range of hard wearing and importantly, hygienic, wall and floor finishes so that you can be certain your cold room will meet industry standards.

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Whether you are looking to store large amounts of food or are based in the food preparation industry, you can get the best fit for your business when you get this customised design. These designs can also be made with doors that fit your needs, such as those which lock automatically or otherwise, and those which can be opened from the inside. You can also get them made left or right handed, showing just how minute the detail is that you can go into when designing your room.

You can also choose from different door types such as a hinged or sliding doors, whatever is the most appropriate for your needs. You can get extra insulation should you need, as well as other parts such as hinges and shelving.

There are many suppliers out there for you to choose from who offer this great service at prices which are very competitive, so that you can work within a budget. You can have your needs accommodated to build the perfect cold room to support your industry and ensure your product is kept in great condition.

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The Winchester Mystery House

Ever heard of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California? This extravagant mansion have been claimed to be haunted by ghosts ever since the construction begun in 1884.

The Winchester Mystery House Infographic
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Join Plastics With Ease With Plastic Welding Tools

The best way to join plastics together is not with solvents or through mechanical joining, instead it is to create a weld. This can be done with hot air tools, and this will create a strong, reliable join that will last. There are some excellent tools and machines that have been developed to make this a simple task too.
plastic welding tool

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials around the world, but it is also one which can be difficult to work with. It is essential that the right tools and machinery are used when creating structures, and the best tools and machinery will use hot air. When joining structures together and creating items such as tarpaulin, shower curtains, medical items and consumer products there are a range of tools which can be used to make this a simple task. Chemical bonding through adhesives or solvents can create a join, but often this will not be strong enough and deteriorate in quality over time. There is also mechanical joining with screws or snap fits, but again this is not as reliable or strong as welding.

The welding process will involve pressing, heating and cooling, and these stages can all be simple and straightforward when you are using top quality tools and machinery. This machinery will also enable you to work with all kinds of different plastics too, including LDPE, PP, HDPE, MDPE, BS and PVC (one of the most widely used types). A hand tool such a heat gun should be used for thinner plastics in the range of 3-8mm, and for any thicker plastic it is best to use an extrusion gun. This extrudes a thicker bead, allowing you to easily weld structures and plastic sheets together. Whether you are using a hand held tool or an extrusion gun it is important that you get one that is of high standard, as this will ensure that you get accurate results every single time, no matter what the application is.

From the top suppliers you can get plastic welding kits, which will provide you with everything you need to get started. This could be a roof welding kit, a floor welding kit so that you can lay vinyl flooring, or simply a general plastics repair kit. With the right kit you can easily find guides on how to best use the tools and machinery, meaning that it can be a simple, straightforward and safe task for you to complete.  It is also the best and most reliable way to create joins, so it is worthwhile having the tools to be able to do so.

There are also hot air tools that can be used to cut through plastics and other materials such as rubber. The heated blade creates a seal as it cuts, ensuring that no fraying occurs during the task allowing for a clean, accurate cut. These tools are used in all kinds of different applications, but most commonly in the vehicle industry where they can be used for upholstery as well as cutting, webbing and finishing.

Plastics are difficult to work with when you do not have the right tools and machinery. Many people will opt for chemical joining where they use an adhesive or solvent, but this is not as reliable and strong as a plastic weld.

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5 Tips On How To Find The Right Tradesman For The Job

It’s a pretty daunting concept, really – hiring a total stranger to demolish and reconstruct parts your beloved home – and there’s so many horror stories about terrible tradies to turn anyone off the idea of ‘renos’! But never fear, because this article will give you the tips and tricks to picking the right tradesman for the job, so you’ll never worry that he doesn’t have welding safety equipment in his toolbox on the day you need a welder, or that his dog jumps straight off the ute and digs right into your freshly sown lawn (well, you might be on your own for that one!)

tradesman tools

Ask for a CV and a face-to-face interview before employing your tradesman.

In any other situation, any employer will undoubtedly check the references of their potential employee. You need to do the same thing with tradesmen. Check their skills, their qualifications – tradies in Australia go through extensive training to get qualified, and you can generally rest assured that most qualified tradesmen will be professional and skilled in at their work. Take note of their attitude, level of professionalism and commitment to their job. All of these things will affect the end result that you are paying for.

Go local.

Hiring a local tradesman can be more helpful than you may think. There are low travelling costs, they will have a knowledge of where to obtain supplies and materials and they will also probably have an idea of local council rules and regulations, which can come in very handy if you are planning a larger job. It’s generally pretty easy to hear of a good local tradie through word-of-mouth, so ask your friends and family if they know of anyone.

Get at least three quotes.

This will help you find the most affordable person for the job. Be wary of online quote request services, however, as you may find that the tradesmen listed on this sites are not always properly trained or qualified.

Get some samples of past work.

By looking at some pictures of work that the tradesman has done previously, you will be probably be able to determine their work style and preferences. If possible, seeing the work in person is even better. This way, you can make sure that the job will be completed to your satisfaction.

Confirm that they have public liability insurance.

Accidents happen, no matter how skilled or experienced the tradesman is. You need to know that public liability insurance in place, just in case someone gets injured or your property gets damaged during the process.

When you narrow it down to these five simple steps, choosing a tradesman for your job, whatever it may be, shouldn’t seem like such a daunting task. Last, but definitely not least, it is important to trust your gut feeling whenever choosing to employ someone to do any job. It is your home after all, and potentially thousands of dollars, so if something doesn’t feel right, that probably means that it isn’t.

Good luck!

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The Pathway to Becoming A Site Foreman

Let’s face it, if you are working on a construction site, you probably want to be the site foreman. Higher pay, more responsibility, higher up the command chain and you might even get to dress better. Becoming site foreman is a pathway that requires commitment and focus. For those of you that do want to walk this road, here are some ways to help you progress up the (career) ladder.

site foreman

Know Your Stuff

The easiest way to differentiate yourself from those working beside you is your level of passion and knowledge. If you are aiming to be site foreman, you have at least a diploma or certificate III in your field, whether it is carpentry, plumbing, or general building and construction. You might also consider doing a recognized course on workplace safety – an industry buzzword which leaps off the page to human resources staff. Having a qualification is an essential starting point, but as a future site foreman you should be constantly learning new techniques and honing your skills. Look at front runner construction machinery and suggest an update, or implement new construction methods they may not yet use on site. It will be a big win with management.

Know How to Manage

Being a foreman is not just about being the best at construction, it’s also about being the best at managing people. There’s two ways to go about learning this essential skill. The first is to engage with it intellectually. Read books on the subject, or take an online course. Observe your current foreman and analyze their management style. This will give you the mental framework you need. Second, take practical opportunities whenever you can. If the chance emerges to manage a small team for a tiny task, even at no extra pay, take it. If one part of the project needs monitoring, volunteer. Practical experience will improve your managing skills, but it will also show employers that you handle responsibility well, and are ready to step up to the position of foreman.

Put in the Hard Yards

Employers are looking for foreman with top notch skills and abilities, but they are also looking for an individual who is dedicated, and not afraid of working hard. Working as a general laborer, or a first level tradesperson is an important part of the pathway to becoming site foreman. It is an opportunity for you to display your passion, motivation and commitment. Company loyalty can also be very important here, as many promotions to foreman are internal. Every company has different requirements and expectations from their foreman, so it is a good idea to research the company you wish to work for, and seek employment there at a lower level. Establish a good relationship with your colleges and superiors. Ask for feedback on your performance at work, and after a suitable time you can even let them know of your intention to become foreman, and ask their advice on how to progress.

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