4 Tips to Design Your Dorm Room to Maximize Productivity and Creativity

dorm roomPhoto by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

Living on your own is a daunting experience. You don’t have anyone to cook for you, do the laundry, and even wake yourself up in the morning. You are literally on your own managing your studies and personal life. And because you are living in a dormitory, you are bound to have a roommate. It is not just space you will share but even stories, secrets and memorable experiences which will compromise much of your college life. It is important then to have good communication with your roommate then.

On average a dorm is around 228 square feet. It indeed pays to maximize each space for both study and extracurricular activities. While there is a bunch of things your parents would want you to bring, but you should know which is necessary and which is not.

Multi-purpose Furniture

If you are planning to buy a table where you can study and do your homework, go find a hutch instead. This way you have an ample space for all your books and other materials all in one area and furniture. The top surface can also serve as your makeshift desk, allowing you to work even in the wee hours of the morning at the edge of your bed. This is quite affordable and even doable if you may. All you need are sturdy slab of plywood for the frame and divider and voila you have your own hutch. What’s more is that you can customize this to your liking – from the color up to additional dividers or vertical fixture.

Use walls wisely

This is your ultimate best friend! Though you are not supposed to use nails, command hooks will do the trick. From your keys, jackets down to your umbrella, you can hook them all up on here. It’s the most common and easiest way as you can just remove it without damaging the design of the wall. If you have an extra budget, you can opt to buy vertical furniture where you can place everything in it. The key here is you are using the space you consumed wisely.

Elevate your bed

Finding the best way to store your shoes or clothes? Then bring you bed a couple of feet higher. This way you can convert the bottom part of your bed to your own makeshift bunker where your clothes, essentials, shoes, even your laundry are neatly organized. You can even bring some friends over or visitors as everything is obscured from view. There are a couple of handful materials to use to elevate your bed like bed lofts. If they are not enough, then opt to have your bed frame customized to a certain height.

Your own Pantry

Waking up early while working late at night will be your normal routine. It’s unavoidable and part of university life that you must embrace. With all this a good companion will be food. And you will be needing tons of it, swear. Your own pantry would be good containing all your comfort foods and healthy stuff that really boosts your creative juices and your mind really active. If you have a spare, bring a small refrigerator with you. Of course, you would have to ask the regulations and know more about its electrical consumption.

You wouldn’t want want your things to be all over the place, don’t you? A vertical rack will be good with a couple of tiers. Each tier should be filled with all the necessities you would need. Nuts would be a good staple as it is an excellent brain food. Whatever food you decided to store, just make sure that each is properly labeled and organized.

Dorm life can be challenging, but it is certainly manageable. Your planning and organizational skills will be put to a test. The key things to remember is to arrange your dorm the way you are most comfortable, while also being logistically easy and feasible.

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Winning Smile – 5 Tips for Looking Your Best in the Workplace

looking your bestPhoto by Robin Higgins

When it comes to landing those big contracts and standing tall and proud among your clients, how you feel inside and out matters. When you feel at your best, you look your best, which can end up opening the doors wide open for new work opportunities and career prospects. If you are not quite letting yourself shine at work, here are five ways you can get there:

Pearly Whites

Several studies show that your smile and teeth correlate strongly with your confidence. If your self-confidence is weak, then it might be time to consider a simple dental procedure such as dental veneers or teeth whitening. Dental veneers are a worthwhile option for people with crooked, chipped, or imperfect teeth. If teeth whitening can’t take care of permanent staining, then veneers fill the gap here too.

A New Wardrobe

If you need an excuse to max out the credit card and go shopping, then a new wardrobe to look at your best in the workplace could be it. There is a strong psychological connection between how you look and how you feel. If you dress to impress, you can change your internal mindset – transitioning into the role of the successful person that the clothing portrays you as. If your wardrobe is looking drab at best, then set time aside out of your busy schedule for a bit of retail therapy.

A Business Course

Even if you consider yourself to be an expert in your role, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep educating yourself. Not only do you get to benefit from up-to-the-minute knowledge of your field, but you also feel far more confident with yourself and your expertise. When you feel better about your experience, skill set, and education, it shows in your character and demeanor. You can hold your head up high and set the world on fire.

Holistic Health

How often have you found yourself avoiding eye contact – or people in general – at work because your skin looks awful? If your diet or lifestyle is causing your skin to break out, then it’s not helping you to become that shining star in your workplace.

Fortunately, several natural ingredients can work wonders for your skin – thus improving your looks and mannerisms in the workplace. Try green tea extract to help with skin inflammation, or even licorice to sort out that irritating and itchy redness. There are some fabulous natural options out there to make you feel better inside and out.

Work-Life Balance

Believe it or not, looking at your best can come down to how hard you’re working. If you’re not maintaining a healthy work-life balance, then you can look tired, stressed, and not at your best to face the day. If you are fighting to fit everything into a standard working day, then talk to your superiors. Find out if you can share the workload, or if anyone can help you out. Find more time for yourself, relax, enjoy the simple pleasures, and you can be fighting fit and looking fabulous in no time.

Not everyone in the office is going to look like they stepped off a catwalk every day, but pay attention to the behavior and confidence levels of those who do. What you wear, what you eat, how you smile, and even your separation of your life and work can make all the difference to how you appear to your clients and colleagues. Take the time to try out any of these tips above, and see if they make a difference for you.

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Confidence Booster – 4 Ways to Increase Your Confidence and Live a Better Life

confidencePhoto by Rawpixel on Unsplash

If you’ve ever felt like there must be more to life, that’s probably because there is. No matter how hard we try to balance work and social commitments with personal development and relaxation, self-care often falls by the wayside when life gets stressful. Unfortunately, this tends to be when we need it most, which is why so many people end up burning out. Looking after yourself can boost your confidence, your spirits and improve your lifestyle, so it’s crucial to focus on if you’re feeling a bit down:


Nobody ever felt better with a frown on their face. However, if you’re worried about how your smile looks, there’s no need to stress. Whitening treatments can undo the damage a few too many coffees and red wines have done. If it’s a more structural issue that’s bothering you, dental veneers are an increasingly popular option. Not only will faking a smile trick you into feeling better but it can also genuinely make things more enjoyable. Happy looking people are more inviting, and when others are interacting with you positively it makes you more cheerful.

Switch it up

Try making a change to your appearance. Get your hair cut or colored, switch out your usual wardrobe or even just do something small like getting a mani-pedi or a nice new pair of shoes.

Any major change to the way you look will make you feel like a whole new person, which can do wonders for your confidence if you’re feeling down. If you don’t like your new style you can always switch back. However, if you love it, looking better makes you feel better so you can’t really lose.

Get moving

By the same token, starting to work out by yourself, in a group or with a personal trainer or ramping up your current routine is guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself. Even if you don’t notice an immediate change in appearance, exercising releases happy chemicals, otherwise known as endorphins, so you’re sure to experience a boost in your mood. You’ll also feel better physically once you’re used to your new plan which will further increase your satisfaction with your body and lifestyle.


Your confidence isn’t entirely centred around your physique, so it’s important to also look after your mind. Self-care is often considered a selfish act but when properly integrated into your lifestyle, it can benefit both yourself and those around you. You can’t look after anyone else if you’re not taking care of yourself so make sure you take the time to relax and practice self-care. This could mean reading a book, listening to music or even just having a sleep in. Pretty much anything that makes you happy will work as the aim here is simply to de-stress and improve your quality of life.

The way you feel about yourself directly affects your outlook on life, so it’s important to look after your physical and mental health. Feeling confident is a big part of feeling positive and having a high quality of life so if you don’t feel so great about yourself it’s worth investing in things that will help give you a boost. There’s no shame in needing a little boost every now and then, or even requiring a bit more help from time to time. The tips outlined in this article will help you win back your confidence and, by extension, your happiness. Focus on what makes you happy and let go of what you can’t change, soon enough life will be getting better by the day.

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How to Create Team Spirit and Cohesion

team spiritPhoto by Quino Al on Unsplash

Being part of a sports team is about more than just winning games. It is also about building a sense of comradery and spirit among all the members in order to create a group that works well and plays well together. While team spirit can seem like something that is hard to generate, there are actually lots of ways you can build cohesion to improve the overall attitude of your team. You should find that having more team spirit leads to better playing and more winning.

Promote Positivity

While winning is an important goal to have, it shouldn’t be your only focus or even your first focus. As cheesy as it sounds, your foremost focus should always be having fun and promoting positivity among the team. This can be especially important for school teams, but it is a good thing to keep in mind for others as well. If the players are not friendly towards one another and there is a lot of constant teasing and rudeness, there won’t be a good sense of trust.

In order to win games, all the members of your team need to be able to rely on one another. You can help encourage positivity by discouraging negative remarks. While constructive criticism is good, taking out losses by getting angry or blaming each other is never a good strategy.

Create Trust

Trust and friendship can be very interconnected. If the members of your team are friends, it is much more likely that they will trust one another. While friendship is something that can’t be forced, doing group activities outside of games and practice can be a great way to perpetuate comradery. Discussing the importance of teamwork can also be important. Just the simple act of passing on the knowledge that trust is important to your players can be a huge step forward.

If you’re a school team, then there is a risk of team members falling into the common situation of hazing or bullying other team members. You should do everything you can to prevent this. No matter what game you’re playing, good-sportsmanship and an environment of trust is a very beneficial and respectable thing to have and can be worth a little extra work and discipline.

Design a Team Image

While it may seem like a built-in part of sports, a good team image is not something you should overlook. Your team image can include team colors, a mascot, and a logo. One of the ways you can spread your team image is by selling branded products that feature your logo. You can find these available from companies such as End Zone Athletics.

There are lots of ways you can use your image to increase team spirit both among your players and among fans. Selling items featuring your team name and colors can be a great way to fundraise for your team, but perhaps the best part about selling branded merchandise is that it will help your team gain publicity and increase your overall fan base. When the players see a large crowd of excited fans wearing their merchandise, it can make them feel like a better team and increase positivity. You can easily take a look at websites such as End Zone Athletic Company to browse some of the many options for buying items featuring your team image.


While teamwork can sometimes seem hard to come by, there are many ways you can perpetuate it. Some of the most important things you can do to improve the way your team works together are being positive and promoting trust. While it can be easy to get caught up focusing only on winning, it is more than worth your time to put additional effort into becoming better as a group. You should find that by doing this your performance improves substantially.

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ATV Adventures for Teambuilding Activities

Spending time with co-employees outside the work place is a great way to build interpersonal relationships in a team. This is why most teambuilding activities are held in remote areas away from the corporate world. One activity that can be great for team building is an ATV adventure. Don’t worry because you don’t have to own an ATV or know where to get Honda ATV parts to enjoy these rides. There are ATV rentals available in resorts or ATV parks that your team can use. Here are some ATV adventures to consider for your teambuilding activity.

ATV adventure

Mountain Trail Adventures

Off-road ATV tours that go through nature trails can be fun and exciting for your team. Riding an ATV through a canopy of forest, hills, and shallow streams is already an adventure if you spend most of your time in a work cubicle. You can add a bit of a fun challenge in the activity by dividing your team into smaller groups and setting them out on a quest. Just don’t forget to remind them to be careful of the equipment or someone will end up paying for damages. It would be handy to have an insurance coverage or at least get a discount ATV parts in case you need to replace anything.

Beach or Dessert ATV Adventures

If you would rather have a relaxing adventure for your team, then an ATV tour at a beach or dessert should do the trick. You don’t have to worry about getting scraped with branches or getting stuck in the mud but the desert terrain can also be challenging. It has its own dips and slopes for you to navigate. Team members who are skilled enough may be up for an ATV race on the beach or dessert sand for added thrill.

ATV Off-Road Playground

ATV adventures on resorts and parks have varying difficulty levels. The advantage of ATV off-road playground is that they usually have multiple trails for riders of different levels. Find out what an ATV can do. This gives you the flexibility to use ATV rides for team tasks during the teambuilding session. You can pair a novice and a seasoned ATV rider in a two person unit and have them go through all the trails. This type of activity can help foster camaraderie among your employees.

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash

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