Why are Accountants and Bookkeepers in such great demand?

According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook platform, accountants, accounting clerks, auditors and bookkeepers have a stable to strong future growth in Australia. This can be predominantly attributed to the specially developed skills and knowledge required to become a qualified accountant or bookkeeper and the shortage of qualified professionals in the industry.

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Education requirements

Many in the accounting industry have to go through years of training to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to be effective in their roles. Many of our students who are learning to become a bookkeeper with edna.edu.au have also mentioned how much they are learning about the industry and how they foresee being in the industry is going to help them go places with their future careers.

There are varying levels of education for those wanting to work in the industry. If you are aiming to become an Accounts Administrator, all you need is a Certificate III in Accounts Administration. If you aspire to become a bookkeeper, you will need a minimum of a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. Accountants, especially specialist accountants will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Various universities have different names for the course. For example, RMIT calls their accounting program – Bachelor of Business (Accounting) whilst Deakin University calls their accounting program – Bachelor of Commerce.

About a decade ago, all these courses had to be undertaken face-to-face and it had a very rigid course structure. These days, majority of these courses can be undertaken as online courses or on-campus, are pretty flexible in terms of swapping an elective unit for another, and are much more affordable than they previously were.

Bookkeepers in Australia

In Australia, there are over 116,000 people working as bookkeepers and approximately 90% are women. Unlike other professions and industries, bookkeepers are less likely to be out of work.

Generally, bookkeepers are expected to be able to keep and maintain financial records, balance accounts, monitor cash flow and lines of credit, prepare and produce financial statements and budgets, prepare invoices and purchase orders, reconcile accounts against monthly bank statements, report irregularities to management, and in some organisations, they are also required to prepare business and installment activity statements.

Accountants in Australia

Accountants in Australia have the opportunity to practice as a general accountant, or as a specialist accountant such as a management accountant or a taxation accountant. The average weekly pay is $1,400 with over 199,200 people working as accountants around the country. Approximately 48% of accountants are females and those who work as an accountant have a lower unemployment rate and are less likely to be out of work than people who work in other jobs.

Accountants in Australia are expected to be able to assist in formulating budgetary and accounting policies, prepare financial statements for presentation to boards of directors and management, conduct financial investigations, prepare various financial reports, undertake audits, advise on matters such as fraud and purchase of assets and financing, examine operating cost, forecast on a business’ income and expenditure, provide financial and taxation advice on business structures and plans, prepare tax returns, appraise cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects, and liaise with financial institutions and brokers to establish funds management arrangements.

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Education Tips for the Self-taught Digital Marketing Student

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Most businesses today make use of digital platforms to market their products. This is why small business owners and social media practitioners need to learn about Digital Marketing. There are several ways to get your digital marketing education. One is to enroll in either a degree or certificate course from prominent universities. Another is to learn through online courses or tutorials. The option you choose depends on the level of expertise you want to achieve. For those who simply want to learn the basics on their own, here are some education tips that may help.

Familiarize yourself with online resources

You can easily find tutorials for any subject online but you have to be prudent in choosing legitimate sources of information. For instance, content and images are basic components of Digital Marketing. If you want to learn how to enhance your images then you can sites like movavi.com. The scope of digital marketing can be quite broad so the easiest way to get your basics covered is to enrol in a free online course. These courses can be as short as 2 weeks with sessions that would last for an hour or so.

Keep yourself updated with available tools and technology

Just like everything else in the tech world digital marketing tools and strategies can evolve fast. As such, one must be kept updated with such developments. The good news is that there are also online sources that you can visit for these updates. For content related issues, you can visit Hubspot. Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today are also good sites to visit for those who want updates on social media trends and practices. As for SEO news you can check out SEO Gadget, Moz, and Search Engine Land.

Apply what you have learned and learn from it

The best way to test what you have learned on digital marketing is to put it into practice. Don’t be afraid to launch your own campaign using the strategies you’ve learned from either own research or your online course. If it succeeds then congratulations, but don’t rest on your laurels yet because the next step is to see how the campaign could be better. If your campaign doesn’t succeed then simply learn from it and do better next time.

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3 Best Ways to Get Research Proposal Writing Help

research proposal writingPhoto by Startupstockphotos at Pexels

Are you looking for help writing a research proposal? It can be a challenge to develop an effective research proposal, particularly if your topic isn’t as familiar to you as you’d like, or if you are new to writing research proposals. But the good news is that there are a number of resources that can help you to develop strong research proposals that will clearly and effectively communicate to your readers what you propose to research, how you propose to research it, and the results you expect to obtain. Our three suggestions are sure to get you where you need to be when you need a research proposal.

1. Consult a step-by-step guide.

Many colleges and universities provide step by step guidelines to help students to write and develop their research proposals. These guidelines take you through the process from start to finish and explain how to apply general proposal writing principles in order to develop a polished research proposal. At some schools, there are even academic courses in proposal writing to teach the art of writing them. Guides like this one from USC provide an outline of the research proposal writing process and some prompts to help you to develop each section of the proposal. However, while this can be an effective resource, it has a bit of a do-it-yourself quality to it and can be challenging for students who have never seen a research proposal before. It can be difficult to understand how to apply the outline to a finished product and turn the prompts into polished proposal prose.

2. Read sample proposals.

Our second recommendation helps to address the challenges posed by the first. A number of websites like Useful Research Papers offer free sample research proposals that you can read in order to understand the best way to put together a research proposal and develop your own. Seeing a proposal in the flesh, so to speak, can show you how one is assembled and how one should read better than an outline ever could. When you read a sample proposal, you see how the parts fit together and how a researcher actually talks about the topic. While this can be a huge help in understanding how a proposal is put together, there are two major drawbacks. First, the proposals that you find on free websites are not always quality controlled, and there is no way to guarantee that the sample research proposal you’ve read is accurate, correct, or formatted according to academic standards. Similarly, it is not always easy to determine whether these samples are up to date and make use of high-quality current sources. Second, sample proposals are unlikely to be on your exact topic, which means that they may be of limited use in understanding how to put together your own work.

3. Purchase a customized research proposal.

To make sure that a customized proposal is effective for your particular research assignment, you should consider our third recommendation, purchasing a customized research proposal from a writing services such as Smart Writing Service, which will write a research proposal that will show you exactly how to address your specific topic. When you purchase a proposal from the qualified experts at Smart Writing Service, you will receive a completely original custom proposal that will give you the information you need to guide you through to the best possible research with a guarantee that the writing lives up to the highest academic standards. Smart Writing Service, for example, employs writers who hold advanced degrees such as PhDs and Master’s degrees to ensure that every research proposal aligns with current academic practice and is written to the standards expected at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate levels. They also guarantee that every research proposal will meet your exact requirements for your topic and that it will be completely free from plagiarism. As a result, you can be sure that the research proposal you order will be targeted to your needs and can serve both as a guide and a template for you as you work on your specific research topic.

Overall, the research proposal writing process can be a challenge, but there are a number of ways to make it easier. Depending on your comfort level and the amount of help you need, there are resources that can show you exactly how to approach your topic and develop a powerful research proposal that will effectively communicate to your instructor what you hope to research and how you will go about doing it.

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Earth Science Dissertation Writing: 9 Sources of Information You Can Turn To

Amongst a great variety of academic papers, a dissertation definitely steps out of the crowd. It is probably the toughest challenge for any student. The academic demands are strict and challenging. Of course, this is quite fair. A dissertation gives doctor’s degrees or professional qualifications. Consequently, its requirements should be of the highest standards.

Image by Christin Hume @ Unsplash

Another critical aspect of the dissertation writing is its discipline. One of the most challenging directions is Earth Science. Many candidates struggle when it is needed to compose their dissertations in this area. It’s necessary to understand what Earth Science is. This is the study of our planet and space, which surrounds it. It includes all locations, mineral resources and energies that exist on the Earth and near it.

There are four major Sciences:

  • Geology
  • Meteorology
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy

This brief list gives a pretty clear understanding of the specification of this academic discipline. It really studies everything that exists in the world. Many aspects are very complicated. Accordingly, great and numerous sufferings of students are not surprising at all. There are many things to consider and many of them are specific and complex.

Of course, this is not a losing battle. The mission is quite manageable. It goes beyond all doubts that every student has to know how to compose a dissertation, which rules to follow and which mistakes to avoid. In the meanwhile, one should know where to get the required information.

Information rules the world and gives you great power. Every academic paper is supposed to be supported with approved official materials and examples. Therefore, we have prepared a special list of dependable and trustworthy informative resources, which cover different aspects of Earth Science. Please, make allowances for the following helpful websites:

1. https://geology.com. This website contains different articles and researches concerning various mineral resources of the planet. Thus, you may access data to energy, plate tectonics, oils, gas, meteorites, gold, different geology tools, general and specific geology branches. In addition, this site is used as teacher resource too.

2. http://geologydegree.org/sites-that-rock/. If a geology resource can be called a library, this one should be called the biggest. This is a virtual library of 105 websites, which are related to geology and Earth Sciences in different ways. Of course, it would take too long to enumerate the specifications of each resource. However, it is possible to generalize. A researcher may count on different researches about volcanoes, hydrology, weather, land and ocean masses, and biological activity. This provides heaps of information for scientific projects.

3. https://www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/SciRefGuides/weather.html. This website can be used by scholars who are busy with meteorology. There are multiple subdivisions. For instance, floods, droughts, global warming, atmosphere etc. Every sub-division contains great amounts of diverse literature. Just select the needed sphere of interests and learn the needed evidence.

4. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/meteorology/. This website is well-known to all advanced Internet users. National Geographic (briefly NG) seems to know everything about flora and fauna. Meteorology is no exception. This is a trustworthy education resource with all kind of official data. Use different books, mapping, programs, references etc.

5. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/oceanography/. This is another resource of NG. However, this one is devoted to the studies associated with oceanology. Every student may find different approved and helpful facts, use vocabulary, learn what different terms mean, try programs and mapping. In addition, there is an active blog, which is led by experts in this direction. This resource is actively used by teachers and professors as well.

6. https://www.omicsonline.org/oceanography.php. One more website devoted to oceanology and its main issues. This resource exists in a form of an online journal. There are many certificated, experienced and approved authors. The staff actively studies different aspects of Oceanology. You will receive an access to numerous articles dedicated to whatever themes are required. Surf through the website and learn the interface. The menu will offer you lots of options. Select the needed one and use information for your scientific researches.

7. http://www.armaghplanet.com/blog/the-10-best-space-and-astronomy-sites.html. In the occasion, you deal with astronomy you should make allowances for this site. This is a great support to any research. It may be freely called the gold mine of astronomy. It contains the links and brief descriptions of top 10 astronomy informative resources. Every resource was closely studied and has deserved its place in the list. Don’t pass up this chance and turn it to your advantage.

8. http://www.polaris.iastate.edu/AstroWebSites.html. Academic studies require some updated facts. The best way to obtain them is to read recent researches in news and articles. If you use this website, you will definitely find some interesting facts, studies, and observations about astrology.

9. https://eric.ed.gov/?id=ED014426. You should take into your consideration another website. It is rather a general one. It unites all four major Sciences. The website covers information on various matters, which are suitable for all branches of the educational hierarchy. Visit it and review all sections. Each has something helpful to inform. Use the approved data in your projects and impress your professors with trusted and effective facts.

These were 9 great informative resources, which are related to Earth Sciences. Every site is helpful in its own specific manner even https://www.mastersthesiswriting.com dissertation writing company which can assist you online. Make sure you know what you are looking for and find it on

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Careers in Industry Are Easier to Obtain Than Ever Before

If you are searching for a rewarding career, warehousing may be the key. You may never have thought about obtaining a certificate iii in warehousing because you figured it would simply be too expensive. However, you are mistaken. It’s actually easier than ever before to obtain any degree you need to get a leg up in this lucrative industry. The key to your success in doing so lies in your ability to make use of the power of the world wide web. If you know how to do a bare minimum of research on the web, you can soon find an online solution to your educational needs.

The Key to Modern Education Can Be Found on the Web

If you really want to complete a degree in order to further your career, take heart. You don’t have to do it the old fashioned way. As things stand, it’s now easier than ever to obtain your degree simply by attending an online educational course. You don’t even have to sign up for all that many classes. You only have to take the classes you absolutely need to work toward your goal of finishing your degree. This means that you can be an accredited degree holder in a very short amount of time.

Working From Home Is the Ideal Way to Complete Your Degree

When it comes to finding the very best way to complete your degree, there’s no place like home. If you have a choice between coming home from work, cooking a hasty dinner for your spouse and kids, and then flying right out the door again to go to night classes, or simply logging on to the web to attend classes, which would you prefer? The answer seems obvious. All you have to do to get the education you need for the career you desire is to find the course that’s right for you and sign up for it online.

Your Comfort and Convenience Are Assured By Taking Online Classes

The very best part about attending classes on the web is that your comfort and convenience are fully assured. You never have to leave the safety of your own home to attend classes to complete your degree or get the training that a job promotion requires. You can do it all via the web simply by sitting in on the live classes and then doing the required course work. Most of the course work can also be completed on the web. You never have to go anywhere out of your way to attend and complete these special online classes.

Your Certificate in Warehousing Can Be Easily Completed Today

If you are serious about completing your certificate in warehousing, there’s no time like the present to get started. You don’t have to wait any longer to get the job or the career promotion that you desire and deserve. By attending these special online classes, you can complete your degree and move straight into a higher pay scale with all of the accompanying perks. It’s up to you to make the first move, so don’t delay. You can contact an online class provider today in order to get the information you need to get started on fulfilling your life long dream.

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