Best Free Web Analytics Tools

Whether you are running a blog or a business site, it is very important for you to understand exactly how your site performs and what the weak points are, the reason why it is important to have a good website analytics tool. These tools allow you to determine the statistics of your website. You can find out who is visiting your site, exactly what pages as well as content they are looking at and how long they are exploring your site. By assessing your site’s performance, you will know what to improve. There are many web analytics tool but not all are free. Below are the best 5 free web analytics tools.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a powerful free tool from of course no other than Google. This is what I am using and my favorite among free web analytics tools. It generates in-depth data about the targeted traffic to a website. The standard reporting includes daily visits (unique visitors, new visitors, returning visitors), page views, bounce rates, traffic type and visitors country or territory.


StatCounter is loaded of beneficial and highly effective tools to help you make much better choices about your website. There are many features that are free of charge (unless otherwise stated). Statcounter is awesome because it allows you put stats on your website without any hyperlinks or even visible counters.

Site Meter

Site Meter features two primary website and blog counter-tracking packages. Site Meter Basic provides almost all vital data, statistics, and reports necessary to know who is visiting your site, how many pages have already been viewed, and detailed information about each individual visitor. The Site Meter Premium tool provides further statistics including ranked reports, more historical data, ad-free stats pages, and the ability to export data on recent visitors.


Clicky is a real time web analytics service. It can access that data quickly, easily, and in an interface that just makes sense. The data is real time that when you login and view your stats, you are seeing up to the minute data on the traffic to your web site. Historical data is available with default options such as yesterday or the last 30 days.

If you have a website or blog, you are probably interested in seeing who visits you. This tool shows how many visitors are currently on your website. Check when you had the most people online.

Now, it’s time to choose from these free web analytics tools and see how your website works.

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5 thoughts on “Best Free Web Analytics Tools

  1. Wow! This explains the new look. You have changed your niche!

    Anyway, I have a experienced them all but I am not particularly fond of SiteMeter. Most of my US visitors complained about pop-ups/pop-unders. 🙁

  2. I’ve installed the google analytics on one of my sites and i think I can learn a lot about my visitors and the topics that I would write to encourage more visits.

  3. I’ve been using sitemeter among those listed, I find it easier to navigate and all…will try to make use of google analytics as well…

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