Demonoid Invitation Code

Last week Kaye of Wahmaholic has given away 5 Demonoid invitation codes and I was lucky to got one. Thank you very much Kaye and sorry for the late post. 
Demonoid is a website and BitTorrent tracker just like Piratebay and Minninova. The website indexes torrents uploaded by its members. It is the second largest and is the most popular, public tracker but to avoid abuse they open the registration only once or twice a month. Once you are already a member, you will be able to generate codes that you can share to others during closed registration periods just like what Kaye did. 
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  1. If you have an extra invitation code can you please send it on my email..


  2. I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post….can i have one invitation code too?

  3. Can you give me an invite? I would be very grateful. Thanks

  4. Would you please send one invitation code to me ( as well? Thanks a million!!

  5. thanks

  6. Domingo TOrres says:

    plz give me an invitation code

  7. Ranga Rajan says:

    Hi, please can u send a invitation, desperately seeking one at my email address

  8. Bobbye Toscani says:

    This blog has a great content. I found this on Google search and I really have fun reading this. I will add this to my favorites.

  9. Could i get an invitation code as well?

  10. Can you please send me an invitation code too? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

  11. Can you please send me an invitation code to demonoid

  12. Can i please have a demonoid code…… desperate need.

  13. pearmbeatgutz says:

    OMG I have been trying forever but never seem to catch open reg. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME AN INVITE I PROMISE TO SHARE FULLY AND UPLOAD NEW WORKS!!! please please please!!!

  14. Can you please send me an invitation code too? Thank you.

  15. Please send me an invitaion code for demonoid..thnx so much

  16. please send me invite on demonoid tracker.

  17. thanks for the link love! mwaah!

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