Fashionable Medical Scrubs

It was year 1992 when I graduated as Medical Technology. I had my internships in a laboratory and two hospitals. Our medical uniforms then were just plain white blouse and skirt and white laboratory gown while the nurses were in their white dresses and caps. The uniforms were not only boring but also affected our work somehow. Because it was plain white, we were extra careful not to dirty or stain them.
Now, every time I go to the hospitals or even clinics, I see nurses in their nursing scrubs. How I wish it was available during our time. It is good to see nurses in their printed and colorful scrubs. I find it more fashionable than their traditional white nursing uniforms and it is convenient to wear I guess as it is simpler. 
Scrub dresses are very popular now. Not only nurses are wearing scrub dresses but other medical staffs as well. With cheap medical scrubs, medical staffs have limitless possibilities what to wear while at work as they can have pairs of different colors and designs everyday. It will help them feel good and enthusiastic even if they are doing the same tasks over and over. Seeing them in this attitude can help patients to be in good mood too.
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