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Find The Perfect Tool For The Job Using Welwyn Tool Group

If you are searching for a hot air tool, then the Welwyn Tool Group may just be exactly what you are looking for. The Welwyn Tool Group is known for providing high quality hot air tools and plastic welding products that are both reliable and easy to use.

The Welwyn Tool Group has a sales and service centre situated in the UK, but if you want to check out their online store then you will be greeted with a huge range of tools and equipment used for the joining of plastic materials like HDPE and PP.

All of the tools featured on the site are from the Leister tool range so you can rest assured knowing that you’re buying the best products on the market. The tools are manufactured so that both professionals and those who have no previous welding experience can use them with ease, whether they are being used for commercial needs or simply a home DIY project.

Welding isn’t known for being an easy process. It can be complicated and tiresome at times, however when you’ve got the right information combined with the right tools then the process can become plain sailing.

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There are numerous techniques you can use to weld plastic and the Welwyn Tool Group is able to provide a tool for each method to help you implement the work that needs to be done. Hot air tools are currently the most tools to use and now more traditional methods such as solvents and adhesives are overlooked simply because hot air tools provide a longer lasting weld.

If you are new to plastic welding and simply don’t know where to start or which tool to use, then below may give you some insights into which tools are best for you.

Hot Gas Welding – Hot Gas Welding is often compared to hot air welding. The work is implemented by using a heat gun or hot air welder that produces jets of hot air. Unlike a blow torch this method relies on hot air rather than an open flame. The hot air works to alleviate the separate parts of plastic that you need welded together. This method is best for manufacturing small products.

Heat Sealing – This method also uses hot air and heat to weld and is very similar to hot gas welding. The only difference between the two is that it combines heat and pressure, rather than just heat. Adding pressure directly after heating the two components will provide a stronger, long lasting weld. This can be used for a number of different applications.

Hot Plate Welding – Similar to contact welding, this method melts plastic parts together and then pinches them together using heated tips. This ensures that the bond is extremely strong. This technique is best for larger pieces of plastic.

As you can see each tool works in a different way, so if you are still unsure which tool will be most suitable for you and your requirements then you may be best speaking to a member of staff. The Welwyn Tool Group will be happy to help you find the ideal Leister tool.

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