How to Save on Car Insurance

The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2012 has greatly affected every nation and household. Recovery from the said economic crisis remains fragile, that is why most people lower the cost of their living by reducing expenses to stretch their dollars. Some people even gave up their car insurance because they think of it as waste of money by paying the premiums but see nothing in return. They do not realize that without car insurance, they are risking not only their lives but other people’s lives as well.

With the economic crisis people are currently battling with, it is but wise to eliminate unnecessary expenses. They may cut down on coffee and entertainment but it is not wise to eliminate car insurance. If you spend most of your time on the road, then a car insurance is a necessity.  It  is one of those investments that may require monthly or annual premium but have a substantial pay off. Insurance protects you, and others, from financial ruin in the event of an auto accident. However, you may still reduce monthly expenses in this area without sacrificing it by getting some bids from different companies. Do a lot of insurance research online, using insurance quote sites and specific company web sites to build a list of comparative quotes. By doing so, you could save hundreds of dollars a year.

Most car insurance companies aim to provide cheaper, low cost insurance quotes. There are other companies that even tailor their car insurance policies to meet your needs. Still, the premium you need to pay depends on the coverage of your car insurance.

  • Third party only – Provides cover to a third party for injury and damage if your car is involved in an accident
  • Third party fire and theft – Includes the above plus cover for your own vehicle as a result of a fire claim or if your car is stolen
  • Comprehensive – Includes all of the above plus any accidental damage to your own car if your involved in an accident

To find the right car insurance for your budget, start by figuring out the amount of coverage you need then do your research and compare.

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