Important Things You Should Know About DNA Paternity Testing

What is DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA Paternity Testing is an analysis that determines whether a man or not is a child’s biological father. It is being conducted by comparing the DNA sequence of a child and the possible father.

Why would I need DNA paternity testing?

You need DNA paternity testing if you have questions about your biological father. It could provide peace of mind and can generate legally admissible results that are used for child support, inheritance, social welfare benefits, immigration, or adoption purposes.

What are the samples required for DNA paternity testing?

Samples of cells swabbed from the cheeks of the child, the alleged father and, the mother are collected with the use of a non-invasive mouth swab called a buccal swab. If extended testing is required, a small amount of blood may be collected from the participants. If the father is deceased, a sample containing his DNA may have been collected and retained by a medical examiner or a coroner if an autopsy had been performed.

How is DNA paternity test performed?

The samples for DNA paternity test can be collected at home using DNA Testing Kit than can be bought from drugstores or ordered online. The kit contains illustrated instructions and a consent form to be filled out with information about each family member providing a sample. The samples are then returned to labelled tubes and brought to the laboratory for analysis. But because the origin or identity of the individual of each of the DNA test samples cannot be verified, this in-home paternity tests may not be admissible in court.

For paternity results that are needed for legal purposes, the samples must be collected by a neutral third party, such as clinic or laboratory. You need to follow a strict chain of custody process that is required to make the DNA test results legally defensible (accepted by many courts and other government agencies).

What if two alleged fathers are identical twins?

If the two alleged fathers are identical twins it is not possible to identify the biological father because dentical twins have 100% of their genetic markers in common so no genetic test can distinguish which of them is real biological father.

Do I need a doctor or court’s request for paternity testing?

No, but it would be better to have a lawyer or a doctor who could advise you (technically and legally wise).

How much does a paternity test costs?

The legal paternity test should not cost more than $550 while the in-home test ranges from $150 to $200 including the price of the kit and laboratory processing fee.

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  1. This is very informative! Thanks very much. I never knew about the issue between identical twins as alleged fathers. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. The only thing I know about DNA testing is that its super pricey. Haha!

  3. Some time ago, there was a discussion from a not so distant relative to undergo DNA Paternity testing because of certain claims. In the end, all decided no to since the father is really close with the kid in question and if the results say they aren’t really blood related, we thought it would be emotionally draining for both parties….To those who are doubting their identity, this is a must, so long as results are not rigged, one’s good to go. hihi

  4. is it really that important?

    • Not for all but for those who have questions about their biological father, it is important to know these things before jumping into it.

  5. i have watched an episode in CSI where they can’t identify the killer because the suspects are identical twins and yes, their DNA won’t work. but they did another test which (i forgot what it is called) was from their body chemistry. it was really very interesting.

  6. Lizzie@Make More Money Online says:

    I’ve read something like this before and some movies have scenes about DNA tests, too. Informative post!

  7. Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says:

    Tanks for the information. Wasn’t aware of some items here…now I am!

  8. JessicaWCassidy (@wifetoalineman) says:

    very informative 🙂 I see this in shows where they test the father of their child 🙂 hope this help with person that needs a dna test so bad 🙂

  9. axl powerhouse says:

    for me ha.. just a POV, di mo na siguro kailan to kung mahal ka naman ng tatay mo. tunay man o indi… ang importante eh, naaalagaan ka niya at minamahal..

    • Agree, Axl. But if this happens to me, I still want to know who my real father is pero syempre mamahalin ko pa rin ang kinilala kong tatay na nagpalaki sa akin at minahal din ako.

  10. Very interesting information! It’s amazing how far the technology has come that it can now be done with an at home test. Thanks for the info.

  11. Thanks for the information. I never thought about identical twins before.

  12. Interesting. I see no foreseeable need, but you never know I might be able to pass this info on one day.

  13. This is relevant in our personal problem right now, not me but someone close to me. The guy cheated but the girl she impregnated is already married, so they are not sure if the child was sired by the husband or the guy he cheated on. Hay!

  14. Wow thanks for all the information, some things I didnt know!

  15. It is amazing how far technology has come in this field that there is a home test available now. It does seem that if this is a real issue it should be completed by a clinic for utmost accuracy.

    • Home test is just to answer the personal doubts but for legal purposes the collection of specimen in the clinic is a must for the results to be admissible legally.

  16. hmmm.. so it isn’t that reliable after all..

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