Over the Busy Road


This beauty of nature is hovering over the busy road. It balances God’s and man’s creations. I took this shot from the overpass at SM Marikina.


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  1. awesome clouds formation.

  2. about web design says:

    i drove on the same road for a couple of weeks maybe even a whole month. when i took my driving test one thing on my test was to drive on the freeway…

  3. about web design says:

    how did you know when you were ready to take on a busy road with a lot of traffic, lights, signs, etc.. Did you wait a while, or did you just try as soon as you got your permit?

  4. wow, ang galing naman ng timing mu… e kung mabigat na bagay kaya yan tapos babagsak .. ano kayang mangyari ano?

  5. A very nice capture and looks like a beautiful day.

    Thanks for the visit and comment.

  6. That is a beautiful and abstract photo!


  7. wonderful shot..i missed manila..wished to visit there again:)

  8. What a beautiful capture, Rossel!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. nice shot! galing mo nmn girl! i cant do a decent shot like that 🙁

    gifted child!!!

  10. Clouds give us some great shots!

  11. Great capture of one of Creators sculpted cloud formations…it never ceases to amaze me at the never ending variety of patterns that can appear in clouds.

  12. Fantastic capture.

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