Solar Panels for Solar Savings

I was surprised upon receiving our electric bill the other day. I heard from the news that it will go up this month but I didn’t expect it to be that high. Based on a leaflet that is included in our electric bill, it increased by P0.71 ($0.17) per kilowatt hour. Almost 76% of the increase is for the generation charge. The rest is for transmission, taxes, subsidy and system loss. According to the electric company, the generation charge is for the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and National Power Corporation (NPC).

The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) is the country’s spot market for the trading of electricity as a commodity. The National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) is the principal power provider in Metropolitan Manila Area while the Independent Power Producers (IPPs),  are the ones generating electric power for sale to utilities and end users. Understanding the roles of these companies, the electric bill components and the existing regulatory framework of the country’s power industry gives me headache. Though an ordinary citizen like me cannot understand deeper the complicated framework, one thing is for sure…our electric bill is soaring high and we need effective ways to cut bills. Now I understand why my husband wants to resort to solar panels. According to him it is the best solution in this time that the economy is at an extraordinary fragile point. So what are solar panels?

Solar panels NC are devices that take the light of the sun and convert it into energy. They are usually placed on the roof of the house or building and are used to generate electricity to power appliances. It is best suitable for homes most especially in a tropical country like ours where the sun, a free and clean source of energy, is shining all day.  Use of solar panels can help protect the environment by reducing the need to burn fossil fuels. And because solar panels use solar energy which is a natural form of energy, they don’t give off pollution while generating electricity thus we can keep our environment in good shape. The sun may not show up on cloudy or stormy days but you don’t need to worry as it will show up the very next day, making it a consistent power source for the solar panels.

Solar panels are available in different sizes so the price varies widely. If there is one disadvantage in solar panels, it is when you buy it the first time. However, the initial cost is a small price to pay compared to the savings you could make over the years. Yes, years! It is because solar panels can last a lifetime. Hubby makes sense. We need solar panels for solar savings plus we don’t need to brainstorm understanding the electric bill components and the existing regulatory framework of the country’s power industry.

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