7 Negotiating Techniques for Managers

Being able to negotiate effectively is a skill that managers have to master. There are different negotiating techniques for managers that they can apply for every situation such as a work contract, employees wage increase or organizing a holiday rotation. Whatever it is that you need to achieve, you will have to negotiate somewhere to make it work. Here are some tips and techniques that you can apply and get in to the good side of negotiation.

negotiating techniques

Establish Objectives

Consider the things that you can draw in from the negotiations especially when dealing with customers. If you want to secure repeat business don’t be so persistent and negotiate so hard that your customer feels cheated.

This isn’t War

Sometimes, it’s easy to think of negotiations as a stand-off between parties but you have to remember that this is more of a settlement than a battle you must won. War-like negotiations can happen in the board room or lawyer’s offices when a huge contract is under scrutiny. But it is not the negotiating techniques for managers that you should adhere to in typical situations.

Prepare, Find a Common Ground

Try to find out something about the person or company you will be dealing and use that information to your advantage when you need. Negotiating should be about working out an arrangement where both parties are comfortable. Nobody should feel like they need to “win” the negotiation, unless you are the lawyer or something.

Take Your Time

Take sufficient time to listen and understand arguments of the opposite party. It is also important to provide the other party sufficient time to digest your arguments. Negotiation should have stages so that you can both manage your time. If any of the parties recognize time sensitivity in the process, they will probably use it to gain the upper hand.

Let Them See Things from Your Point of View

If you intend to come to an agreement with another party, it is critical for you to make them understand where you’re coming from. Explain the implications of the negotiation and how it will impact on you or your team. These negotiating techniques for managers can bring you closer to achieving a fruitful agreement with them.

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