Hoping for a Miracle

I know it is not right to wish for someone’s life to end in order to relieve pain and suffering. It is morally unacceptable, inhumane and very ungodly. But sometimes it is what you want to wish for when you see someone you love who is suffering…breathing but numb…awake yet unresponsive…conscious yet not.

We want to believe that there is hope but the doctor said there’s none. We want to hope that it is temporary even though we know that it is for life. As much as we want to help her relieve her pain and suffering, we can’t and that is what hurts so much. It is painful to see her in a vegetative condition but it would hurt more to see her go. All we can do now is wait and see. For her to die or to recover? We don’t know and no one can tell.

We maybe helpless but not hopeless. Still, we want to believe in miracle and the most impossible. So help us God.

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