Increase the Value of Your Home: Exterior Stage

Are you moving out? Then you are most certainly putting your old home on the market. But you have to know that before doing this, you need to make sure that it is presentable enough to attract its new residents more quickly. That is, certain renovations might be a good idea. They will not only help you sell your home rapidly, but they will also ensure that you will be paid a more substantial sum of money than you initially expected. And I am sure that the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word renovation is something that concerns the interior of the property. Yes, it should be neat and clean, electrical and plumbing systems should function properly, a coat of paint should be applied here and there, etc. But your home’s exterior is what visitors see first. And if it looks shabby and neglected, then you are not particularly likely to find buyers any time soon.

home exterior

A New Colour

I really cannot think of cheaper and easier way to completely change the look of your home than a new coat of paint. Opt for a natural, but distinctive colour. Yellowish and earthy tones are among the most suitable choices. If you are a more extravagant person, you can select something way brighter. Yet, keep in mind that this might actually drive any potential buyers back. So, I suggest you stick to the more moderate shades.

Front Door Refurbishment

Real estate consultants advise that one should not undervalue the importance of the front door. This is why you need to make sure that it looks as if it is new. You might even install a new one, if you can afford it. This will certainly be a good investment and will increase the overall value of your property. After all, it is the door that visitors first glimpse upon entering a given premises. What is more, make sure that your bell is working – this also makes a good impression.

Another thing you might want to do is to build a portico or some sort of an awning above your front door. These will also be relatively small investment, compared to the sum potential buyers might offer you for providing them with an overhang where they can securely look for their keys while it is raining dogs and cats outside.

• Landscaping

No one likes decrepit gardens. So, no matter whether you have a huge or a limited outdoor space, make sure that it looks as attractive and well-kept as possible. And if gardening is not among your elements, then it is probably better to hire a professional. Lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning are among the things that definitely need to be performed. Flower patches with nice, multi-coloured flowers as well as garden decorations such as gnomes, lights, etc. will also certainly increase the value of your property.

• Clean the Mess

Fallen leaves, numerous knick-knacks and litter, scattered all around your yard, and some such things – you need all those gone. Gather your family members and clean your outdoor space together. This might not only be extremely funny, but it will also help you increase the price of the house. And the best part is that it will not cost you anything. You will only need to spend two or three hours of your Saturday afternoon.

These were only few of the countless ways in which you can renovate your home’s exterior and, thus, increase its overall value. You can opt for all of them or you can come up with some of your own. It all depends on you and your budget. Just make sure that your place is clean, presentable, and functional and you will certainly find its new residents, who will be ready to pay a fortune for it, more quickly.

The tips are provided by Fiona Grayson who works for DomesticCleaners Kennington. She gave some tips on how to refurbish the exterior of your place and, thus, increase its value when you put your old house on the market and not only.

How To Set Up Your Ideal Ergonomic Office

For those who sit at their desks all day to work, having an ergonomic workspace is very important – the little things really do help the body stay healthy! Not sure what ergonomic means? Don’t worry – it’s a bit of an odd term! Ergonomic essentially means that the surroundings and activities are designed to put minimal stress on a person’s body. For example, you can get specially designed keyboard that keep the wrists at the right angle to minimise repetitive strain injury. In many workplaces, the term is defined as “fitting the worker to the job, not the job to the worker.” So if you’re feeling the strain in your workplace, here are some changes you can make to ensure your body deals with the strain.

ergonomic office

Make Sure There’s Enough Room To Move Around

Having enough space to easily stroll around the office is really important for your staff. Sitting for extended periods of time is very bad for your health, and even taking a quick walk once every hour will work wonders for your body. If you’ve recently completed an office relocation, get you moving company like Your Local Movers to arrange the desks and furniture with gaps and pathways. This will allow your staff to take a quick walk around the office, stretch their muscles and keep their health in check.

Turn The Chairs Into Swivel Chairs

This may seem like an unnecessary change, but you’d be surprised the difference that a swivel chair makes, compared to a stationary one that doesn’t flex or move! This is because when you reach for objects on your table or around you, you can strain muscles in your body. A swivel chair means that the chair moves along with you. You won’t strain your back when turning and you don’t have to strain your neck looking around for objects.

Keep Your Computer Monitors At The Right Distance

Staring at a screen all day is strain enough for your eyes. To minimize the impact, place the monitor on your desk so that it is around your arm’s length away from you. At this distance your eyes will be able to focus on the screen naturally without strain.

Keep Your Frequently Used Stationery Close

Take a quick look at your desk. What do you use the most? Are all those items within easy reach? Ensuring all your frequently used items are within arm’s length reduces the strain on your body. Put everything else out of your sight or tuck it away in your desk drawer. Not only will it give your desk an instant clean, it’ll help clear your head of clutter.

For those who work full-time sitting down at a desk, it’s important to consider your surroundings. Think about ergonomics and how you can reduce the strain on your body to keep your health (and mind) in check. A few small changes can go a very long way when it comes to making your workplace suit your body – plus, your muscles will thank you for it!

What are some small changes you’ve made to make your workplace better for your health?

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Starting Solo: Trades Business

Before you start your own trades business you have to be prepared for the sphere, you are about to enter. A good research of the business sphere you choose is necessary before you start a solo career. To select the best personnel for your trades business, you should know what are you looking for. Once you hire your employees, you have to give them clear information what exactly do you expect from them. You also need to prepare a business strategy, all of your personnel will follow, which will also distinguish you from the others. The types of trades business you can choose for your solo career are carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical and construction.

Whether you decide starting a solo electrical, plumbing services, carpentry, masonry or construction type of trades business, if you have a well organized and working business plan and marketing strategy, you will be successful. If you do the necessarily research in advance and respond accordingly to the lacks and needs of the society in the area you plan to open your business, there won’t be a reason to prevent it from prosperity.

There are ten steps every person, planning to start a trades business should follow. They are:Unfolding an idea and choosing a trades sphere, your business will be developing in

  • Make a thorough investigation and research to understand is your idea applicable in the area, in which you plan to open your business. Is there enough need of the product or service you are about to offer, are there going to be enough buyers or customers of your products or services, how are you going to beat the competing companies, will you able to compete with them, etc.
  • Check are there any regulations or rules, you need to follow in the area you plan to open your trades business and are they going to prevent you from having the desired success
  • Make sure if this is the proper time to start your own trades business. Check if your skills and abilities are on the necessary level to succeed
  • The next step is making a good business plan. Discuss with your lawyer and accountant how to protect your possessions and yourself in hazardous situations and unexpected twists of
    the events
  • When choosing a trades business, choose the most successful and profitable and register your company, where necessary
  • Choose the proper place to locate your business. Open a bank account to finance your business. Calculate the necessary expenses in advance in order not to have unpleasant surprises
  • Arrange in order your office, bookkeeping, registration system and the system for contacting with your clients.
  • Make them functional and practical for you and your employees
  • Use some promotions, discounts and advertising techniques to sell your products or services successfully
  • And last but not least you have to like what you do. In other words you need to be familiar with the business sphere, in which your firm operates. If you love your job it is more possible that success will come sooner or later.

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To be successful business developer, you need to make a working and easily understandable business plan. Your business plan is the base structure you will need to manage your trades business. It is like the map you will need to check if things are going in the right direction. The main elements of this plan are marketing, operational and financial sphere. Another important thing you need to do is develop your marketing strategy. The main things you need to pay attention and determine are: products, promotions, prices and the place. They are very significant for the success of your trades business. After doing the necessary marketing research you will understand the needs of your local trade business sphere and react according to it.