Entrepreneur: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

The successful growth of entrepreneur depends on the dedicated time and energy. They make time from their busy schedules and invest in continuing education and self improvement. There are a lot of successful startups and a lot fewer that failed. Many believe that the rule of business, finance and competitive markets does not apply to them.


Focus on doing one thing

Focus on one phase at a time. This enables lowest burn rate and highest success rate. The initial steps start from demonstrating a concept, then developing a product, initial customer traction to phased production.

Raise capital all the time

A business grows with the constantly raising capital for the next phase. The lack of time, short on cash discovers the chances of making business processes realistic.

Solve a big customer problem

First, figure out the problem, then solve it. Don’t come up with something that doesn’t solve a customer problem better than anyone else.

Come up with differentiated strategy

You probably won’t do it right but sooner or later few startups do. Come up with a unique strategy that no customers can resist. It’s one way or the other to eventually figure out along the way.

For example: Ben Weissensten: Running a business with nothing or no knowledge turns to make everything more organized and learned.

Know their market

Understand the market, the competitors and unique customer value proposition. Entrepreneurs have the tendency of believing that if they are good at something would turn into a business. Unfortunately, that’s not how target markets work.

Aden Levin and Rob Tominey : Believes in time awareness, give the people what they want, don’t try to convince them into what they need, in other words, market research thoroughly.

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The way Entrepreneur does the work make them unique. And also sometimes what they don’t do lifts up their ideas. It’s their actions that set them apart in maintaining solutions. You don’t want to hear this, but it’s true. Here are the list of things that Entrepreneur don’t do.

No work-life balance

Entrepreneurs are mostly workaholics. They live doing what they love. They don’t roam around free-wheeling for fun during weekends.

Mentally strong people: Never try to convince

The most damaging business myth comes up probably with personal branding. Besides, multiple entrepreneurs have great ideas on turning ideas into great product and services. They don’t change them for the options.

Love the work, don’t do it for money

They just work hard and are passionate about what they love to do. Focus like a laser beam eventually that comes big to me. Skip a change with the set platform.

They don’t have day jobs

Great entrepreneurs think of really cool and exciting options. They jump in the headfirst with little of this and little of that. They look for efficient services that serves the most exciting options.

Turns fear into power

They don’t pay attention to the voice. They don’t let their fear stop from taking risks. Entrepreneurs listen to most voices, a voice of reason and come up with relative instincts. The ones that haunt you with everything can go wrong.

They don’t have virtual mentors

Most people follow every sort of writers, tweeters, bloggers. To get somewhere in life, you have to get real mentors in the real world. It is said that behind every great entrepreneur is at least one great mentor.

The real entrepreneurs don’t call themselves entrepreneurs. They don’t follow popular fads or conventional wisdom. Besides they work on the things that they love.

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Can We Learn Something from Celebrity Divorces?

Learning lessons from celebrity relationships might not be on the top of your list, but you can benefit greatly from this – if someone knows about divorces, it’s the famous bunch. The worst part is the media – once the gory details about celebrity marriages get out (whether they are true or not), we get to read about it, cover to cover and it’s none of our business! This definitely doesn’t help the celebrities in question (on the contrary!), making the marriage and divorce all the more difficult. However, taking a look at celebrity divorces can definitely teach us a thing or two that can help us improve our marriages.


Give and Take in Marriage

The entertainment industry is based on self-focus and self-promotion. It’s just the way it is – celebrities promote either their looks, their skills, their talents or a combination of them. Self-focus is one of the prime reasons celebrity marriages end up in divorces and there’s a lesson to be learned here – in a marriage, you need to focus on yourself, your significant other and your relationship. This is much easier for Average Joes and Janes, than it is so for the celebrities, but it’s often disregarded in “regular” relationships – which is exactly what celebrity divorces can teach us.


There’s an everlasting battle between marriages and work – either both, one, or the other suffers. This is because both of the two require dedication and there’s only so many hours in a day to achieve this. Celebrities wouldn’t be famous, if they weren’t dedicated to their work, which is often why their marriages end in failure – celebrities such as movie stars often engage in projects that are likely to ruin their relationships with their friends, family and partners.

When it comes to regular people, however, things are a bit different. Sure, it’s your livelihood that’s at stake, but even if you’re lucky enough to love your job, your job will never love you back. You haven’t committed your life to your job and it isn’t nearly as important as a marriage. At the risk of sounding cliché: money can’t buy you happiness, but happiness will bring you something larger and stronger than money. Always look at the celebrities when choosing what to prioritize – is your job really worth getting divorced?

It’s not the End of the World

On the other hand, celebrities have taught us that ending a marriage is not a crazy thing to do. Divorces are bad, painful and gut-punching, but there’s something worse than separating by law – living in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship. If there’s something simultaneously good and bad, when it comes to marriages, it’s the obligatory commitment – if you love somebody, you’ll have no trouble committing, yet you have committed and given away a part of your freedom.

This commitment is often reinforced by religious aspects of marriages and relationships that should’ve ended with separation end up in a never ending loop of resentment and dysfunctionality. This is exactly something celebrities can help (and have helped) us with – divorces are just as normal as marriages are, and if a relationship turns rotten, you should never shy away from ending it, especially when divorces have been made so easy – filing for divorce in Oregon can be done online can be done online these days, so the whole awkwardness has been reduced to a bare minimum.

Legal Representation

Regardless of how smooth the divorce appears to be going, you never know what waits around the corner. Quality legal representation is a worthy investment that can help the whole proceedings run smoother. Take Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as a good divorce example – they have both hired quality legal representation and managed to reach a settlement just 11 days after filing for divorce. Naturally, the majority of celebrity divorces aren’t really exemplary, but you can learn a lot from the Cruise-Holmes divorce.

Celebrity divorces are quite common and we often get a lot of insight into them, sometimes even when we don’t want to. The good thing here is outlined in the fact that you can learn a lot from these, what with all the media coverage. Let the celebrity divorces serve as lessons!

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How To Find Work As A Contractor

Working as contractor can be pretty tough, when it comes to job stability. If you love this lone- ranger kind of life, moving from job to job, then you’ll want to minimize the gap between one employment to another. Smooth the transition with these tips on finding work as a contractor.


Make A Killer CV

You want to nail prospective employers with a shining CV. To get your foot through the door, you’ve really got to wow them. This means specifically targeting every covering letter and doing your research. Include keywords from the job description throughout your text.

Market Yourself

According to statistics, approximately 80% of contractors source their next employment through an agency, so get on their database and pick out roles! Upload a CV and start contacting companies which need your skills and experience.

Hopefully you’ll know that you’re going to need employment a month in advance, because you’ll need to upload your CV early to ensure that you’ve got offers to play with at the end of your current contract. It may also take a few weeks for your CV to be distributed to most major agencies.

If you’re applying to many jobs at once, create a sheet, detailing exactly who you’ve contacted and a little about the position – it’s easy to lose track, and you need to be submitting to as many companies as possible. Keep on top of this list and chase up your applications.


Contracting jobs are advertised because companies want their chosen team to begin as quickly as possible. There’s no point applying to old advertisements, as all the positions have probably been filled. Only submit to recent job vacancies.


If you just send off a bunch of emails containing your CV, you’re missing a trick. Make sure you follow up all submissions with a phone call. Forget to do this at your own peril. Smart contractors will be targeting companies, so they get bumped to the top of the pile. If they don’t call you back, ring again until they pick up. Companies which accept contractors are usually exceptionally busy, and
their unresponsive reaction is nothing personal.

Fake Jobs

Be careful of phishers. These guys will fake job advertisements. Learn how to smell these from a mile off and avoid them at all costs. They’re a massive waste of your time and they want to grab your information illegally. Don’t fall for it.


Most contractors are aware that the position is pretty much in the bag, if they’ve managed to land an interview. However, if you sink during this stage, you’ll find yourself without a job regardless. Come prepared, confident (but not arrogant), and proactive. In the world of business, shrinking violets don’t do well. Try to close the interview by asking if the company will offer you the job.

Effectively, you’re pitching your services and it’s unlikely that you’ll be called back for another interview.

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Casters On Medical Equipment

If you work in the medical profession, then you know that there are some items that can be very heavy to transport. It could be a bed with a patient or a machine used for x-rays. Medical casters make it easier to maneuver all of the pieces of equipment throughout the hospital or doctor’s office without a lot of effort.casterCasters are often seen on hospital beds as they make it easier to wheel patients to various areas of the hospital for testing. There are usually brakes on the casters to make it easier to lock the bed in place so that the bed won’t move with the patient. The casters allow you to easily move patients by elevator. It’s also easier to move patients who might not be awake or who are medicated and can’t get out of bed but still need to have scans done or other medical services.

IV poles often have one or two small casters on the bottom. They allow the poles to be moved while the IV is still attached to the patient. This is a convenience for patients who are able to go outside while in the hospital so that they can still receive the fluids and medications that they need. Casters on IV poles are also a benefit for those who are in surgery or who are going to surgery. You can easily move the pole beside the bed so that the patient gets the medications to be put to sleep without getting another IV line placed.

Wheelchairs sometimes have small casters on the front to make it easier to turn the chair. You will also find casters on the large pieces of equipment, such as x-ray machines. This allows staff members to take the machine into a patient’s room instead of moving the patient and disrupting the patient’s comfort. Casters are easy to add to any piece of equipment, but they should always be kept clean so that they function properly. You also need to make sure the caster is the right size for the piece of equipment as small ones can break under the pressure of a large machine.

Image source: Access Casters Inc.

Ways to Find Good Deals on Fabrics and Sewing Supplies

Buying new fabrics and sewing supplies can get to be rather expensive if you need to do it on a regular basis. Therefore, you would be wise to do everything possible to spend the least amount of money on these purchases. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of methods that you can use to go about doing this. The Internet has opened the door to many shopping opportunities that did not previously exist. Taking advantage of the many benefits of online shopping is something that every smart shopper does. Here are some useful tips that will help you to do this.

sewing supplies

1. Read some blogs that deal with fabrics and sewing

You can gain a large amount of info by checking out some of the blogs that pertain to buying and selling fabrics. There are also blogs where people demonstrate how to make various things using fabrics. Many of these blogs often talk a lot about sewing. You should be able to get some very useful advice regarding where to find the best prices on fabrics and sewing supplies. However, you should not simply read the blog posts that are already there. You should interact with the other users of the blog. Start conversations because the questions you need to ask might not be covered in the blog posts.

2. Use mobile app alerts

There are mobile apps for just about everything. You can use this fact to your advantage during your shopping. There are several apps that will alert you to sales at any website that you choose. All you need to do is enter the websites and products you are interested in. The app will then monitor these sites and you will receive an alert on your phone when the specific items on your list go on sale. This is a great way to beat the crowds when there is a sale on Paccana sewing supplies. You will be able to find out about big sales before most of the public does. It is not fun to find out about a sale too late when all of the items you want are already sold out. Mobile app alerts will prevent this from happening.

3. Register with websites

There are many websites that offer a very helpful services that you might not be aware of. You can register with a site and receive an email or text message when the items you want to buy go on sale. This is good for people who have older cell phones that are not capable of downloading apps. Look around online and find sites that sell fabrics and sewing supplies. Register with all of the sites that offer their customers the chance to be informed of new sales. In many cases, they will give you an advance warning. You will be alerted about an upcoming sale a day or two before it happens. This will allow you to check out their inventory and see if there is anything you want.

4. Ask people who make crafts

You might know a few people who like to make crafts as a hobby. These people will need to buy fabrics and sewing supplies fairly often. Therefore, there is a good chance they will be able to steer you in the right direction.

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