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Protect Your Business Vehicle in Three Easy Steps

Whether you’re a business owner looking to insure one of your company’s cars, or an employee not sure about who is responsible for crashes, it’s important to have an extensive understanding of business vehicle protection. Here’s just three easy steps to keeping that company car protected.

business vehicle

Do your research

Just like a privately owned car, company cars must be insured in standing with the insurance laws of the state. And just as if you were insuring a privately owned car, do your research. Unfortunately many insurance comparison websites do not take into consideration company cars, although there are a few that can be found with a simple Google search.

Choose your policy

If you own the business that the car belongs to, you’ll need to be responsible for them, as well as the employees that drive them. Therefore, it is your responsibility that you insure every employee to drive your vehicles during a company’s business hours. This should have a high enough liability limit to prevent legal action taken against you due to accidents or injuries. A coverage of $500,000 is ideal, but ensure that you insure to at least $100,000. This policy should include comprehensive and collision protection. In addition to covering injuries resulting from crashes, it will protect your vehicle from fire and theft, as well as crashes with property. If the vehicle is a write-off, the insurance company will pay for it completely. The final point to consider is rental and towing. When the company vehicle has a breakdown, you’ll want to have this coverage. This allows you to be reimbursed for rental charges by your insurance company for the time it takes your car to get back on the road. When the company car gets a flat tire or suffers mechanical problems, your insurance company will also cover the towing charges. It is essential you protect your investments and get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Keep your no-claims

If you happen to be switching your company car to a private, you’ll want to keep your no-claims. Most of the time insurers won’t let you keep your previous no-claims bonus. However, if you call, some companies may give you a special bonus if you’re switching to a private car. While the automatic online systems don’t allow discounts, an agent might be able to manually give you one. Call the top providers in your area and discuss this issue with them. Insurance companies have a tendency to hold on to your money as long as they can. That’s why it pays to have protection in case you’re in an accident and out of pocket. Motor Accident Legal Service can provide you with legal assistance in a bind. You can find them by following this URL.

Company vehicles are the lifeblood of the business. If one goes out of action, it could mean thousands in lost revenue. That’s why it’s so important that they are adequately insured and back on the road as soon as possible.

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Effective Ways In Promoting Your Newly Opened Business

A lot of people are hesitant to start a new business because they are afraid that they might not make a sale or gain customers. This could possibly lead to failure and early bankruptcy. However, starting a business is really a risk and part of the game is to make yourself known and convince your market that your product is worth every penny that they have.

That’s the reason why promotion and advertisement exist. These things are being done in order for your business to make a name. Some businessmen would make sure first that they have convinced enough clients before they jump into the business proper.

promoting business

One unique way of promoting your business is by utilizing the internet. These days almost everyone is connected to the internet and time will come that it will reach the status of almost a necessity like the television. It is in the internet wherein you can find blogs, websites and the social media.

Have a social networking account is so helpful these. In fact, some businessmen just made the social media as their business location. RTW’s can already be found online as well as other gadgets. Payments are already electronic and can be collected as the client decides to buy the item.

Promoting your business has never been easier if you already have thousands of friends or followers in social networking sites or perhaps ready and subscribers in your official websites. Making yourself known online can also affect your image offline.

Offline advertising is often expensive but with the right strategy, its cost can be maximized. Oftentimes offline advertisement would depend on the placement of the ad. Location really matters and the kind of people that gets to read it. Material being used is also a factor. It should be vibrant, head turner and interesting so that readers won’t let it pass.

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Understanding the Android World

Whenever someone would ask you what’s the operating system of your phone or tablet PC, do you really know how to answer it? Some might think it’s the model or the brand but it’s not. You may think not knowing is insane but yes, some people don’t know it.


Right now, one of the most popular smartphone and tablet PC’s operating system is Android. It’s Linux-based and a Google product and has been running in numerous cellphone brands like Samsung, LG and many more.

It first operated a phone in 2008 and two years after it has become the world’s leading smartphone platform. In fact it had a worldwide smartphone market share of 68% at the second quarter of 2012.

Its code is an open source for the sake of its maintenance and development and numerous app developers contributes to its growing Android Market which is now known as Google Play. These apps run in Java language using the Android System Development Kit. Even a 7-year old kid can make his own app, that’s why it is also an effective way of supporting the younger generation of developers on their quest to become the future moguls of technology.

What makes the android operating system better than the others is its availability to cheap mobile phones. You do not have to queue for longer lines just to get one. You don’t even have to exclusively download certain software just to make use of the available apps fully. They have a lot of free apps available for kill boredom and to help you out in your day to day living.

These days, owning an android phone is as easy as buying bread in the nearby bakery. It’s numerous and useful free apps is continuously making the operating system more famous and popular to the ever growing techie community.

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