Pristine Measures to Keep Your Appliances Up and Running 24/7

You might have some emotional feelings toward your home appliances because you might have brought it from your first salary. It might be your desire to have such appliance at home to make your life easy and simple. These days home appliances are essential to give you comfort and peace of mind.

kitchen appliance

The home appliances could be refrigerator, food processors, dishwasher, microwave ovens, washing machine, dryers, or just about anything else. These appliances offer great help to make your life stress-free managing household chores. You can sit back and relax, while your home appliance will take care of your household chores.

Few appliances complete your kitchen

When appliances turn into a necessity, and if they ever happen to break down due to some maintenance, it might cost you time and money. Make sure you keep the contact details of an appliance repair service provider handy to nip the problem at hand in the infancy stage.

Many people agree that a kitchen without proper kitchen appliances is incomplete. They play a vital role in the preparation and processing of food. When you have the appliances that are suitable for your kitchen, make sure you use them frequently because inadequate usage of the appliance might lead to poor performance.

Some of the most common refrigerator issues

If you’re running a business that requires a refrigerator to store the necessary food ingredients, then don’t compromise on an appliance that not reliable.

When you’re in a challenging situation, don’t take hasty decisions and disturb your business; instead, call qualified technicians to fix the problem. Few problems might seem common and small, but the more you delay, the more your appliances are likely to suffer.

Here’s a list of common refrigerator issues that might occur:

1. Water leakage – The leakage could be from a plugged drain hose or an open defrosting drain.

2. Excess frost inside the freezer – When there’s unwanted frost in the freezer, you might have to replace the evaporator fan motor or the default system is faulty.

3. Fluid in food compartments – If there’s fluid accumulation in the food compartments in your refrigerator, it can possibly result in bad door seals.

4. Abrupt working – If the refrigerator works in both on and off phase, it’s the time to replace the thermostat.

5. Provides irregular cooling effect – When your refrigerator is facing a tough time to keep up its regular temperature, the door gasket, thermostat, or the drain blockage are responsible for being taken care or replaced.

6. Unusual noise – When there’s a loud and strange noise, this is a clear indication that the compressor motor is broken or is about to tear.

Why your refrigerators need a service?

The movable parts of your refrigerator, such as ice trays, shelves, and trays were earlier manufactured using unbreakable metal in the year 1980. Times have changed since, and the supporting movable parts are manufactured from plastic that’s fragile and susceptible to easy breakage.

If the seal on the refrigerator is old and not working in good condition, there’s chance that your food might get spoiled. Make sure you claim annual maintenance service and include gaskets and seals of your refrigerator, which is essential.

Ice has the ability to absorb freezer odors from the solid blocks at the bin’s bottom and helps to lose the odor and smell sweet. Make sure you empty the ice bins frequently to keep the freezer clean and hygienic.

Flimsy and dirty gaskets prevent refrigerator doors from closing tight, and this makes the doors to put extra stress on the motors. Clean the gaskets with mild soap water and dry them completely. If you notice that seals are loose, make sure the embedded magnets are taken care by re-magnetizing or replacing.

Condenser coils in your fridge that help cool and condense the refrigerant to help release the heat. If the condenser is congested with the dust, they stress the compressor and the energy is wasted completely.

Make sure that you vacuum the fan and condenser coils once in three months. The more recent refrigerators are designed for electricity efficiency, and are based on the environment norms.

Boost your refrigerator’s performance

Just like humans, home appliances are hard workers too! They run 24/7 to keep your food clean and healthy. The best thing you can gift to your home appliances is to maintain them in working condition for 100% efficiency.

Make sure you provide appliance repair for your home appliance when they break down. After the service, the appliance regains the ability to perform while increasing the machine’s efficiency.

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For The City Kids: 5 Pieces of Equipment You May Forget to Take Camping With You

Car packed, you head out to tackle the roads less travelled. You are going real camping; no shower, no toilet, no running water, no electricity and no phone reception (gasp!). Free from the strangleholds of demanding work emails, soul sucking social media and obligatory family commitments, you are on your way to filling your lungs with clean air and getting in touch with the earth. Guaranteed, you will always forget one item. Make sure it is your corkscrew and not one of these items that slip your mind.


Don’t let your camping adventure
turn into a holiday disaster.

Hygiene Kit

Camping is dirty business. You will share many things with your fellow travellers, food, beds and happy memories. One thing you want to minimise sharing is your stench. Shower access is limited at best and there is only so much your $10 bottle of supermarket deodorant can do after a full day (or week) of gallivanting around the wilderness. Make sure to pack a hand sanitiser, baby wipes and travel size soap (dry shampoo could be handy for those with oily hair). Bathe in running water where possible; stagnant bodies of water are a breeding ground for bacteria. A small shovel will also make things in the bathroom department much more civilised.

Miscellaneous Pack

Take a leaf out of Mary Poppins’ book and pack those just-in-case items. Duct tape, extra rope, a water bucket, spare batteries, cable ties and a spare drink bottle are all potential lifesaving items you will be thankful for. There is nothing worse than going to sleep on a soft bed of air and waking up with a tree root in your back. Make sure to include a mattress repair kit to repair those pesky punctures. Don’t let itching and scratching prevent you from sleeping; pack insect repellent and citronella coils to keep mosquitos and other nasties away. Add first aid kit to your checklist. Camping adventures come with an exciting element of risk, but it won’t seem so exciting if a tree branch flicks up, scrapes a chunk out of your shin and you have no equipment to sterilise and bandage it up.

Fuel Bladder

Luck favours the prepared. Hollywood has engrained this life lesson into your brain for years; the moment the damsel is home alone, the torch battery stops working, fuel runs out, these are the moments when poor protagonists are subject to unfortunate dangers. Not to mention, running out of fuel on a deserted road is going to kill the fun road trip mood. Make sure your pre-trip preparation includes acquiring a vessel for storing extra liquid supplies, whether it’s drinking water or car fuel. The size of the vessel will depend on how long you are planning on being away from civilisation. Tanks or cans can take up valuable space in your vehicle. Fuel bladders, such as those at Fabric Solutions Australia, are a more flexible alternative. You can have them made to suit the size of your storage space or fill them only as much as you need (no wasted air space).

Don’t let your camping adventure turn into a holiday disaster. A little bit of preparation goes a long way. Add these items to your checklist and the tales of your holiday will be told around the campfire for years to come!

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5 Best Ways to Protect Your Boat from the Elements

Severe storms and terrible weather are bad news for every fisherman, but they are also bad news for their boats as well. It is important to protect your boat from the elements – on and off shore.

protect your boat

If you can afford it, storing your boat at a storage facility is ideal. Services like Fort Knox boat storage are set up with the express purpose of storing your boat and keeping it safe from weather.

There are a number to steps you can take to protect your boat and keep it in tip-top condition.

Use a Boat Cover

This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to keeping your boat in good order. A cover will protect the interior of your boat from the effects of bad weather, be it UV rays, wind, rain or even snow. Without a cover seats will quickly become waterlogged in wet weather and any fishing gear in the boat will become corroded. A cover will also protect from leaves which can quickly cover the boat floor and cause a lot of mess and eventual damage. A cover will stop the sun from damaging or fading your boat and its’ seats and other equipment.

Keep the Cover from Sagging

It is important to ensure that your boat covert doesn’t sag in places and collects puddles of standing water during rain. Simple secure the cover with ropes to ensure rain will drain off the cover. You may also place a post in the centre of the boat, under the cover, to facilitate run-off or add some plywood across the top of the boat to prevent sagging.

Unplug It!

Sounds simple, but always remember to take out the drain plug when your boat is not in use. Of course it’s important to remember to put it back when you hit the water! It is a good idea to attach it to the starter engine so you will remember to replace it. If your space permits, try parking the boat facing downhill, with the plug at the lower end. This will facilitate drainage

Protect the Wheels on Your Trailer

Because your boat trailer is sitting around unused much of the time, the wheels are susceptible to corrosion. Tyre covers can be bought at most auto stores and will protect your tyres. Place bricks or chunks of wood behind tyres to stop your trailer moving.

Keep Your Boat Gear Indoors

If at all possible store your rods, reels, electronic gear and other equipment inside. These may suffer from water damage and mould if left outside. The boat’s battery is also subject to corrosion so store that inside too.

Lastly, try not to take your boat out in harsh weather conditions. Storms commonly sea the water afloat with debris which can cause fairly serious damage to your boat and is often hard to see and avoid.

These few simple precautions will keep your boat in good condition ready for next time you sail the high seas.

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