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Company Colors: How Shades Can Influence Business Appeal

The colors that you use in your business serve more than just a decorative purpose. Studies have shown that there are common responses to color. Certain shades are also associated to feelings and emotions. Red, for example, is believed to stimulate appetite. Because of this, many restaurant owners use this color in their logo, products, and premises. Business owners who have not yet given their company colors some thought should start paying attention to their palettes. A new splash of color might be what you need to boost your business appeal and get more customers interested.

business appeal

In picking your shades, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. It’s not as easy as randomly choosing from paint swatches and going around and across the color wheel. Think of the following:

Tapping into the subconscious – consider what reaction you want your customers to have when they see your brand. Then choose the color that is shown to elicit your desired reaction. You do not necessarily have to be stuck with one color. You can choose color combinations. Do your research and find out what colors are appropriate to your type of business or to your product line. The color pink, for example, is rarely used for products that are supposed to appeal to a male dominated market.

Visual continuity – you need to make sure that you are consistent in your use of color. Have a corporate identity policy that defines the exact shades of color to use in your logo, product labels, and other marketing materials. If you choose bright colors to enhance your business appeal, it might not be wise to splash the same colors on the walls of your offices, stores, or even your website. Work on creative elements that are standard across various applications and treatments. For instance, a blue and green checkered strip in your logo could be used as an accent below the header of your website and below the customer service counter in your office.

Aesthetic appeal – whatever colors you choose, they have to be used in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. No matter how much you believe in the psychology of color, a bad paint job will not give you the results that you expect. With the available technology today in 3D design, you can actually have a more accurate simulation of how you want your colors to be applied in your interior design. For logos, web design, branding, and packaging applications, you can always ask your artist or designer for sample renderings. You can also conduct surveys or focus group discussions to find out what colors and applications your target customers think will best boost your business appeal. These customers are, after all, who you want to attract in the first place.

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Employee Benefits Every Employer Must Provide

When you run a business and employ people, you have to be ready to provide a few basic employee benefits. Employees actually expect these benefits when they apply for jobs in various companies big or small. Google, for example, is one of the most sought after employers. The rosy perks and the unconventional work environment in its headquarters gained quite a bit of publicity in recent years. While it is a reality that bigger companies with deeper pockets can afford to give better benefits to their employees, it does not mean that small companies should not provide the same benefits to their employees. All employees need to know and feel that their employers care enough to provide them with their basic needs at the very least.

employee benefits

Paid Leaves – your employees need some time off every once in a while. Just because you are working on lean staffing does not mean that you cannot let them go on paid leaves several times in a year. Have a set number of rest days in a year that each employee can take the day off and still get his salary for the day. If you cannot afford to have more than one employee away at any given day, work on a leave schedule for each employee.

Social Security – depending on where you are located in the world, this employee benefit could be mandated by the government. This makes employees eligible for social security services as provided by the local or national government. Check with your local business regulatory agency to find out what kind of social security employee benefits you are mandated to provide. There are forms that you will have to fill up. There might also be requirements for contribution sharing or matching between employers and employees. The amount of contribution employers and employees make usually influences the final benefits of each employee.

Health Care – this is a necessary expense for you if you wish to lessen your employees’ sick days. This benefit is not only for times when your employees become sick. More importantly, the annual health checks, the diagnostic tests, and the doctor consultations help prevent the onset of illness. With this benefit, your employees will not have to ask you for financial assistance to pay for their health care needs. There are different health care packages that you can avail of and include in your employee benefits program.

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Time and Motion: Streamlining Business Processes to Boost Efficiency

How much time does it take to make a pair of shoes? How long does it take to put a dozen candies in a dainty little box? It could be hours or it could be minutes. As insignificant as these might seem to you, these figures play an important part in your business. The time within which your products roll out of your production line and are put on the “shelves” in-store or online influences your efficiency and profitability. The results of a time and motion study will help you streamline your business processes so that more products are brought out and made available for your customers to buy. Of course, the other part of the equation would be to have an effective sales and marketing strategy to get these products off your shelves and into your customers’ hands.

business processes

These studies are usually done by industrial engineers, process management analysts, and business organization professionals. There are consultants who provide such services to help businessmen identify areas in their operations where processes can be improved. The changes that can be implemented could involve process improvements and manpower rationalization. As these consultants are not employed in your company, any bias or affiliations with particular departments or employees are taken out of the picture. The analysis are more objective and are therefore more reliable. For a better appreciation of what the business processes are, these consultants conduct interviews and require documentation from the employees of each process area or department.

Even if these studies are supposed to be conducted objectively, not all employees take them with open arms. Some of these studies are met with apprehension and even resistance especially since these studies are often associated with reorganizations and retrenchments. Your employees’ support and cooperation are necessary for these studies to succeed. They need to be able to give the right information so that the analysts can evaluate the business processes properly and give more accurate recommendations. Preparing your employees and making them understand what the study is for is an integral part of successful time and motion studies. Your assurance that the study will benefit everyone will help you get your employees’ buy-in.

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5 Things You’ll Love About a Career in the Mining Industry

The job market is becoming an increasingly tough playing field in Australia. With unemployment figures on the rise, if you’re looking for a job, it pays to keep all your options open. The mining industry is one of the few industries in Australia, which is remaining relatively stable in the current economic climate. There are lots of other reasons why you’ll love a career in the mining industry.

mining industry

The Pay

There’s no denying it; the pay in the resources sector is great. This is, however, because the work is hard. The days and weeks are long, and the locations are often remote, so employees are remunerated accordingly. You may be expected to make fairly big lifestyle changes in order to get to the job, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to put aside some serious cash, a job in the mining industry could be for you.

The Opportunities

Most of Australia’s large mining companies extract a number of resources, in a number of locations, both domestically and internationally. As a result, there are opportunities to work in different locations, on different projects, and gain lots of experience with the one company. A job in the mining industry can act as a fast track for your career. If you work hard, the opportunities are ripe for the taking.

The Routine

You’ll either love it or hate it, but the working hours in the mining industry are a little different. Expect long days, and if you’re doing fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) or drive in, drive out (DIDO) routines, you might work up to three weeks at a time, followed by a week off. If you thrive on hard work, followed by the freedom of multiple days off, then you’ll love a job in the mining industry.

Living on Site

If you’re living on site, there are a few benefits which you’ll appreciate tenfold at the end of a hard day. Three meals provided each day, cleaning taken care of, and a laundry service, are just some of the perks of living on site. Mine companies work hard to look after their staff, so you can also expect on-site gyms and even personal trainers, to keep you healthy in body and mind.

The People

You’re in it together. When you’re working hard and living in a small community, you can’t help but make great mates. While you’ll always miss your friends and family at home, it pays to enter the job with an open mind, ready to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds.

The mining industry is a great place to accelerate your career. You’ll work hard, but you’ll be rewarded in the process, and mining companies know how to look after their staff’s health and well being, as a top priority. To find out how you can make the transition into the mining industry, a recruitment agency such as One Key Resources is a good place to start. Whatever your specialty, there is bound to be an opportunity for you within resources sector.

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Tongues of the World: Understanding Languages Across Oceans

The interconnectivity enjoyed by people today makes it possible for people across oceans to communicate with each other. It’s an exciting world indeed with such sharing of cultures and experiences even for those people who do not have the time or money to travel to other countries. Learning other tongues is now more relevant to students and even adults who are interested to interact with people from other countries. Aside from learning languages for recreation purposes, this is also important for businesses from various industries. In these cases, the services of translation consultants like those at are often necessary. It cannot denied that the ability to speak or read another tongue is an advantage both in personal and in business situations.


Aside from going to a language school or listening to audio tapes to learn a foreign language, people who want to understand specific materials not in his native tongue could avail of the following services:

1. Written Translation Services. This is the most common type of service required by people in various fields. Academic papers, legal documents, textbooks, and technical manuals are often sent to linguists for translation to a language that the end user can understand best. Raw documents may be sent to the translator online or through courier. The translated document is usually available after a certain number of days or perhaps even weeks depending on the complexity of the original document.

2. Phone Translation Services. These are availed of by those who need to immediately have their material translated. This is also the kind of service that is availed of by businesses and agencies with customers from different parts of the world. Normally, these translators would have the capability to translate over a hundred different languages.

3. On-site Translation and Interpreting Services. This involves having an interpreter present on-site to facilitate communication with someone speaking a foreign tongue. Beauty pageants are popular for their use of on-site interpreters. The academe as well as the business sector are also among those who make use of this service most frequently. With the availability of various tools both for individual and for commercial use in translating languages, it is not difficult at all to understand someone speaking another language. Now, that makes information sharing more extensive and the world a whole lot more interesting.

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