A Letter to My Hometown

Dear Hometown,

Thinking back of my childhood makes me miss you. A place like you where everyone knows everyone is far different from where we are residing now. There with you, we were living in a small hut made of bamboo and nipa. Life was so simple yet fulfilling. Everyone in the neighborhood is so accommodating and willing to lend a helping hand.

I miss your green rice fields where we used to play tag and catch dragonflies. The same rice fields where we looked for edible snails during rainy season that Mom used to cooked with taro leaves and coconut milk. I miss your river where we go fishing and Mom washed our blankets sometimes. I miss your lake and its small volcano.

I miss my cousins and old friends who were walking with me on our way to school everyday. With our old rubber slippers we go through one kilometer road, unmindful of the scorching heat or heavy rains because on the roadside there were our favorite tamarind and jocote tree where we hid from the boys and eat the fruits.

It’s been five years since I last visited you and I miss so much everything about you. I hope someday, I can buy a small piece of your land and build that same old nipa hut where I can spend the last days of my life with my family and old friends. When that time comes, I want you to welcome me with the smell of dry leaves, cold breeze, peace and tranquility…just like the old times.


Wondering where my hometown is? I grew up in San Nicolas, small town in Batangas, the home of famous tilapia, tawilis, Pansipit River, Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. The photo above was taken from the roof top of my friend Juliet’s house, overlooking the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. My hometown is just beautiful!


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By Rossel

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20 replies on “A Letter to My Hometown”

I love your post Bes. I miss our hometown too. I would always tell stories of my childhood in San Nicolas to my children. The river where we washed clothes and catched fish, the games I played with my cousins while waiting for our turn to get water from the Barangay artesian well, the walking in going to and from school seeing all those ricefields and other greeneries, the experience of climbing guava and mango trees while looking and gathering firewoods for cooking, the ride on the “pipis” drawn by the carabao, etc. Oh those were the days. It’s a pity my children will not experience those anymore:(

you’ll have your dream really soon. just keep the faith, sis. thanks for joining and sharing a beautiful pic of your hometown! 🙂


Minsan na lang ako makapg comment sa mga blog na nababasa ko at nadadaanan pero dito sa post mo di ko maiwasan na mag iwan ng isang mensahe para makisali sa usapan. Masarap balikan lahat ng mga sinabi mo, nakakatuwa na hanggang ngayon ay andun pa rin ang puso mo, sabagay sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa isang lugar na punong puno ng alaala. Mahirap di ba? Ang ganda ng post mo.


There is no place like Home. You have a very nice place and lovely people around you, that’s the reason why you miss your hometown. I love the scene and the foods are fresh and delicious!! How I wish I can visit batangas.

Writing to your hometown and reliving the good old days of your childhood is like reliving a piece of paradise on earth. I also love the idyllic atmosphere in your hometown especially the spectacular view of the Taal volcano and Taal lake. It will really be a dream come true if you can buy a piece of land in your hometown and build your own nipa hut so that your family can savor the same idyllic life you experienced before. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you all always.

ayyy ano bato..galing ako kay dhems na namiss young job nya pinas..tapos dito hometown naman..huhuhu..and you wrote it so touching..huhuh again..miss ko na tuloy provinsya ko..:)

I’ve climbed that volcano when I was 16. I also lived for awhile in Talisay in 2000. Miss the volcano! 😀

Wow tokaya your childhoos sounds like mine, the only difference is that yoou live nearby lake but I live nearby the ocean. Aother thing, your house is made of nipa hut while is is made of anahaw and bamboo hheehehe.. I used rubber slippers too lol.. Sarap balikan ang kabataan..

You make me cry i miss my hometown too. It has been almost 6 years that i am here in US not yet visiting in the Philippines.

My gosh, that’s one beautiful sharing with such fond memories…

5yrs, oh my, you must be missing it so dearly, aren’t you???

Thanks for sharing about your Hometown… Your love for it inspire and I could somewhat relate to it about my sharing on my ‘Cave’..

Nice meeting you, my new friend.. and yes, I am following you too… 🙂 *HUG*

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