Bonding at Quezon City Memorial Circle

Every time I hear Quezon City Memorial Circle, I cannot help but think of Rizal Park, also known as Luneta, a neglected park that serves as home for the homeless and beggars, and pick up point for the prostitutes. Though, Quezon City Memorial Circle is a lot bigger and different from Luneta, we cannot deny the fact that there were places that got neglected as well. So when we went there last week, I was surprised to see the new QC Memorial Circle.

Because we are from commonwealth, we took off infront of Agri building and had to pass by underpass (the underpass that caused too much traffic and delays to the commuters during its construction). Unlike other underpasses which are dark, pungent and crowded with vendors, the Belmonte Underpass (that is what they call it) is clean, lighted and guarded. It also serves as a mini-Museum for the passersby. There were bulletins on both sides with the Quezon City’s history and its administration.

On the other end of the underpass, this is what welcomed us, “tiangge” or stalls selling different products from shorts, shirts to toys and vegetables. A few meters away are “carinderia” or stalls serving snacks; porridge, noodle soup, spring rolls, etc.

The old picnic place (the area surrounded by the bicycle lanes) was converted to Circle of Joy, the biggest outdoor playground I have ever seen.

There are different types of play sets with slide, fireman’s pole, rock climber, monkey bars, cargo net climber, tic-tac-toe panel, swing, see-saw, and triple bedway slide. All play sets are lined with synthetic grass for kids’ safety. And as expected, RJ had a blast.

Hubby jogged around the circle a few rounds then we played with RJ. It feels great to be like a child again, carefree and playful.

When our stomachs growled, we headed to Aling Cora’s Bibingkahan, our favorite place to eat in the Circle. Rhonnel and I had “goto” (porridge with beef tripe), tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork in soy sauce and vinegar), and spring roll while RJ had chicken noodle soup. The foods are really good value for our money since the servings are large and tastes good too as the soup made its way toward our little girl’s picky taste buds. We also had fresh buko after.

All of these plus a little bottle of soda and 500ml. water costs only P174 ($4).

There are many other spots in the Circle that your family will surely enjoy like this gym area with improvised equipments for your free work-out.

There is also a very large circle of stones to massage your foot (still under construction when we went there). Why foot? Reflexologists believe that there are pressure points in our feet that are connected to the different parts of the body. It means that when you had your work-out in the circle, you gave pressure not only to your muscles but to your internal parts as well and that is all for free. Great, is it not?

By the way, the picnic area is still there. It was just moved to the side where the gym equipments are. They even set-up grill areas for those who want to have their barbeque.

Indeed, it was a great bonding at Quezon City Memorial Circle. And watching Rhonnel and RJ holding hands while walking made it even more greater.

I cannot wait for Saturday to come as Rhonnel promised to go there again to celebrate our Valentine’s Day.

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10 replies on “Bonding at Quezon City Memorial Circle”

I am glad that the Tiange in walkway area of Commonwealth was removed by QMC City Administrator. QMC has been our family get away during weekends. But Tiange stalls are obstruction from walkway of people. First there are stalls in both sides of commonwealth entrance and week by week even the center aisle is already occupied. I have nothing against Tiange stalls if this will provide income for QC Residents. But the saddest part Tiange Organizer is not disciplining their tenants to “clean as they go” the premises of their stalls. When you passby in the morning you will see a pile of garbage that looks like QMC a smokey mountain. The QMC Tiange Organizer is the worst Organizer I have ever seen.
I do hope that Tiange Stalls are permanently removed at the Commonwealth Entrance where the Panoramic view of Quezon Monument is situated. Tiange stalls should place where they can obstruct the walkway. Let us enjoy and maintain cleanliness so we continue enjoying the park.

wow mamaya pupunta kmi sa circle magbabike ako don at magzizipline ako dON at MAGLALAro Ako Sa playGrOund!!!!!kakalerki na tehHH….HAHAHAHAH O:)

Hi, excited na akong umuwi at dyan kami mag-stay ng nene ko sa malapit na hotel sa Phils. Children Medical Center. Ang dami palang pwedeng pasyalan sa area na yan! Sa Makati sana ako kukuha ng hotel pero ngayong nakita ko ang pics na posted mo dito, final na ako magpapa-book ng ticket sa malapit sa memorial circle at para mapalyal ko ang anak ko dyan! Thank you very much, great help itong blog mo sa mga searchers na gaya ko! God bless you! Happy New Year!

Went here with my family. This place is filthy.

Trash all over the grass, the picnic tables, and all over the sheds. The people who come here are not exactly the ones who clean up after they use the place, and to make things worse.. there are limited trash bins.

The playgrounds and slides are also not maintained, and I was worried about my son catching some illness there.

We just rode a bike with sidecar a few times around and left. Walking through the middle of the park is like walking through a trash can.

I hope Mayor Bautista reads this. Sad.

Hi, Rome. The last time we went there was May if I am not mistaken and it was well maintained that time. It’s sad to know that the place is not as good as we last went there. The local government of Quezon City developed this park for us to have a free yet great place to bond with our family most especially on weekends and it’s depressing that some people don’t care. I must agree with you, it’s sad that we still have “kababayans” who do not know how to use trash bins. 🙁

We’ll go visit there again this Saturday (if the weather permits). I hope so too that Mayor Bautista reads this and so is your comment to do the necessary actions. Thank you very much.

I have been in the Quezon City Memorial Circle once; i think nong field trip pa natin nong highschool and i never got the chance to visit it again. Ang ganda na pala no. Ipasyal mo naman kami dyan pag uwi namin.

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