The Most Effective Ways To Cut Your Heating Bills

As winter draws near, the thought of increased heating bills may fill you with dread; however, there are many ways in which you can save money on your winter heating bills to leave you with more money to spend on that all-important summer holiday!

cut your heating bills

Choosing a provider

One of the simplest ways to cut your energy bills is to look at whether you would be financially better off if you switched suppliers. Just as you would if you were making a broadband comparison, it is easy enough to go online and compare the deals offered by the various energy suppliers. Whether or not you decide to stay with your existing supplier, there is money to be saved by using the same supplier for your gas and electricity as well as paying your bills by direct debit and maybe even by using online rather than paper billing.

Apart from the big six energy suppliers in the UK, there are some smaller suppliers that could offer you a significant saving. Whoever your supplier is, make sure you are being offered the cheapest tariff and ensure that you understand the tariff you are on and how it is worked out. Most suppliers will not put you on their cheapest tariff unless you ask them about it, so it is worth examining your options.

Changes you can make to your home

As well as saving money by making sure you are using the cheapest and most appropriate supplier for you, there are savings you can make to your heating bills by changing your set-up at home.

Make sure that you have wall and loft insulation, as not having these can mean that you could be losing up to 33% of the heat in your home, so you will be paying for heating you cannot use. In addition, try to ensure that windows, doors, floors and fireplaces that are not in use are also insulated from draughts.

Special foil panels inserted behind your radiators mean that more of the heat will be in your rooms, which will ultimately reduce your bills. Savings can also be made by installing heating controls on your radiators, which allow you to control the temperature in each room.

If you are in need of a new boiler it is possible to apply for Green Deal finance, which enables you to take out a low-cost loan to make energy-saving home improvements that can be paid back through your energy bills. Provided that you need one, having a new boiler that is more energy efficient is a
great way to save money on bills.

Finally, if you can keep yourself warm you will not need the heating on as much, thereby saving money on your bills. Wearing an extra layer of clothing and doing some exercise are just two of the ways that you can achieve this.

So, there are many ways to save money on your heating bills this winter, all of which only require a small amount of effort for decent potential returns.

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Get the Cheapest Phone Plans

It is really hard to stretch your money now that the economy is declining. The salary and budget in each household is not increasing yet the cost of living is going up. Almost every month there is hike on gasoline, electricity, water and other basic commodities. Can you still live decently with these situations?

I am neither an economist nor a financial planner but I do not need to be one to be able to stretch our household money. There are many ways to shrink the monthly bills and save some money and one best way I know is to get the cheapest phone plans like the Verizon Wireless cell phone plans. But you have to be realistic. You do not need to squeeze your number of minute calls per month. What you need to do is choose the right package for your needs, from the basic package to premium unlimited package. If you plan to use phone only occasional then choose only the basic package.

If you have a business and want only the push-to-talk voice services which are very popular with business users, you can choose from the cell phone plans by Sprint. To find the right Spint plan for you, just analyze your bill or manually estimate your usage.

Sprint also offers several innovative features such as free night calls beginning at 7pm. These offers and plans can help you to save some money that you can use for your other household needs.
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Coupons and Bargain Specials

I am getting excited every time there is sale in the malls and supermarkets. I am excited on the price cuts, freebies and coupons. Yes, I love coupons just like I love bargains and freebies. Some may think that the rewards they get from coupons are too small, but come to think of it, if you have many coupons on hand you can have more savings. That is why I love collecting coupons and I am not ashamed to use them. With the unstable economy we are facing right now, it is just but right  for us Moms to look for creative ways how we can stretch our budget.
Hot Topic coupon and bargain specials are great ways to save money. Visit their website and check for the coupons and bargains for great savings on your next purchase. However, when using your coupons, just make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons. Always have a second thought and ask yourself if you really need what you are purchasing. Don’t use your coupon just because you want to get discounts even if you don’t need the item or else your coupons will be wasted. Check also the start or expiry date of your coupons. All coupons have expiry dates so as to protect the vendors. Coupons are great way of saving money if you will use them properly.
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