Fairy Hobmother is Real, Not Digitally Manipulated

Fairies, fey, pixies…are they real? Well, honestly I don’t know. Though I have heard a lot about fairies since I was a child, still, I haven’t seen one in my 40 years of existence. However, there are people claiming that they had fairy encounters.  In fact, there are hundreds of fairy pictures and videos posted on the internet leading people to believe that fairies are real. I looked at the pictures and watched the videos but none of them convinced me…all are digitally manipulated. I am not surprised because with the technology evolving more and more everyday, it is not impossible to do anything you want with  photographs and videos. But somehow, there is this part of me that wants to believe in fairies and hoping to be visited one day.

A few months back, I was blog hopping when I saw a post about the Fairy Hobmother showering pixie dusts all over the blogosphere. It’s one reason why I have been stalking the Fairy Hobmother for months. I want to know if the Fairy Hobmother is real and if he really rewards those who earnestly stalk him. The second reason is I need to replace our 5 year old washing machine. I have been eyeing an automatic washing machine on an online store and I was thinking that maybe the Fairy Hobmother could help me get what I want this holiday season.


To my surprise, the Fairy Hobmother visited me the other day and showered me with pixie dusts. He is real and not like those that are digitally manipulated! Yoohoo!

Do you want to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother and receive a gift this holiday season? This is now the chance for your wish to be granted.  Comment below and try your luck!

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Easier and Safer Moving

Moving to a new place is very common nowadays, either moving to a new house because of a new job to a different place or moving to a better home. It is fun and exciting but can be stressful too most especially if your new place is not as large as the old one you have. Most probably there are things that you can’t tag along with you but you can’t get rid of either because you are afraid that you might need them in the future. For that matter, you would wish to have a self storage wherein you can keep your things as long as you want yet can get them anytime they are needed.

self storage

This is just one of the ups and downs of moving out. However, there are lots of ways that can help make your moving out easier and safer. Below are just a few of them.

During your packing stage, make sure to label and number all your boxes so that inventory would be easier to manage. Most of the transfer services companies require a post transfer inventories but if it is not part of their deal, do not hesitate to insist of having one. Remember that you deserve quality and accurate service. After all, you are paying them accordingly. To avoid accidents, make sure to give instructions as clear as possible. You own the things that they are carrying so most probably you know how to handle and where to place them.

Avail services only from a reputable company; those transfer services that are being referred by your friends or someone reliable in your neighborhood as much as possible. Better yet, do some research beforehand and gather some positive feedback from their previous clients. See to it that their vehicles are equipped with safety gadgets that won’t destroy your fragile things. To ensure a safe transfer, you should accompany the vehicle or vehicles being used to carry your things.

Moving out is one of the most tiring activities and the existence of these transfer service companies is basically to lessen the burden. Make sure that they won’t add any amount of this burden to yourself.

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That Perfect Bed For The Newly Renovated Bedroom

Of all the places inside your house, the bedroom should be the most relaxing place. This is the place where you’re to have that longed rest after a very tiring work. That’s why it should have the most comfortable bed you could ever imagine. The word comfortable is subjective and unique from one person to another. Some people would want their bed to large and soft with a lot of pillows in it while other would want it simple and not too big.

Whatever is the preference of the person, the comfort that a bed could offer would always boils down to the material it is being made or simply from its frame. Log bed or those beds made of logs are one of those with quality. If you just had your bedroom renovated, you might perhaps consider having a log bed and feel that certain comfort of sleeping in a log cabin in the middle of a relaxing nature park.

These beds are typically heavy but it would also mean that it can’t be easily moved even when your kids will play on top of it. These beds also have an earth color and can easily be dressed up with any bed sheets or mattresses.

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Important Things You Should Know About Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher is but one of small component of overall fire safety drills and programs yet it plays a vital role in saving life and reducing property damage. The hope of people not to use fire extinguisher, give the fire extinguisher least priority. Though it would be better to never have to use them at all, having it at arm’s reach is essential most especially in fire-prone areas such as kitchen, fireplaces and workshops.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

When buying fire extinguisher, it is important to know what type of fire the extinguisher is expected to snuff out.  Not all fires are the same so the type of fire extinguisher to be used must be appropriate. For light materials or common combustibles such as papers and wood, a Class A extinguisher should be used while Class B for flammable liquids such as grease and oil, and Class C for electrical fires. There are also specialized extinguishers such as Class D for metal that are highly combustible and Class K that are designed for commercial kitchens. In addition to these letter designations, extinguishers also carry a numerical rating code. The numbers, assigned by Underwriters Laboratories, indicate the amount of fire the extinguisher can put on regardless of its weight and chemical uses. The higher the number is, the greater the effectiveness (and most likely the higher the price).

The Right Fire Extinguisher for You

Now that you have learned the importance and types of fire extinguisher, you may opt to buy all three types of fire extinguishers from fire protection online. Though the canister adds to the pounds, the weight of the fire extinguisher is based on the amount of the chemical stored inside.  Of course, bigger is better in most cases but sometimes bigger extinguishers are hard to maneuver. A 10-pounder is best for kitchens or workshops but a 2-pound canister will do for car.

How to Use the Fire Extinguisher

Regardless of what type of extinguisher is to be used, the basic techniques are the same except for the specialized extinguishers which require professional training.  For the non-specialized extinguishers, you need to follow the instructions on the label…P.A.S.S.

Pull the pin
Aim at the base of the fire.
Squeeze the lever slowly.
Sweep the spray from side to side as you approach the shrinking fire.

When to Replace Fire Extinguisher

Though fire extinguisher do not normally expires, you can never be so sure if it will fire away when you have to use it that is why it is required to be inspected annually for leakage, corrosion and other defects. If it has been used, replace it right away.

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Attractive Home Décor Updates

Even the most professionally decorated home can begin to look dated if nothing ever changes – home décor needs to be refreshed on a regular basis, especially if you have a family. As the children grow their tastes change and the décor needs to change as well. The fairy princess bedroom that was just right for a five year old might now call for camo print bedding and comfortable floor pillows designed to accommodate a thirteen year old who prefers to lounge and hang out in her room with friends.

The family bathroom sees a lot more use as kids grow up and become more focused on grooming. Over time the shower may begin to leak or fail – new shower head kits and handheld shower heads are the sort of easy updates which both improve the bath and shower experience and prolong the life of the shower. Most handheld shower heads can be easily installed without the help of a plumber; they make it easy to shampoo hair bathe pets, water plants and clean the shower enclosure plus they are great for targeted water massages.

Another easy bathroom update that will be appreciated by every family member is the simple switch from a conventional shower curtain rod to a curved shower curtain rod. This helps to create more elbow room in the shower and to reduce the possibility of the shower curtain sucking into the tub while bathing. Add a teak shower bench and bath mat; teak is naturally water resistant and adds a spa-like element to any bathroom.

By adding bathroom wall mirrors you can make even a small bath or powder room seem larger than it really is plus they are helpful for grooming. With more mirrors you can easily see yourself from all sides and put your best foot forward.

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