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This is a detailed guide to Club Manila East Taytay. This is where we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. This is a seven-hectare resort situated in Taytay and is inside the village so you have to ride a jeepney from the village gate to the resort. If there are no jeepneys available, you can ask the security guard at the gate to call the resort and the resort service will fetch you from the gate. Or if you want, you can walk from the gate to the resort (about 1 kilometer), like what we did because there was no jeepney available and we didn’t know that we can be fetched by the resort’s service. Club Manila East is offering a 50% discount on entrance fee and day accommodations or their Facebook fans for the whole month of November. Of course, we took advantage of that offer. We were supposed to spend P5,000++ ($106) including the food but paid only P2,500++ ($53). What a great deal!

Upon reaching the resort, there was the reception area, the cashier and the aviary. It’s very simple place outside. We could hardly believe that inside is a seven-hectare facility. The best resort we have visited so far.

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Day Accommodations


The Cabana is where we stayed. There are 100 Cabanas available surrounding the gigantic lagoon which is a scaled-down model of Laguna de Bay. This is good for up to 20 persons complete with sink, shower and bath.

The Cabanas

Huts are also available. Sorry, the picture was deleted from our camera. I don’t know why. The hut I think is 2.5 x 2.5 square meters with monoblock table and chairs.

If you want a view of the beach, you can stay at the BeachView Cabins.

The BeachView Cabins


Or if you are alone and just want to swim, don’t worry, you don’t need to rent a hut or cabin. There are lockers available. This is also the area where the common shower and bath is located. I just don’t know how much is the rent for a locker.

Overnight Accommodations

The Doña Luz Hills View Villas can accommodate families and barkadas. Each Doña Luz villa is furnished with two single-beds, a sofa bed, hot and cold shower, bathtub, a mini-bar, a microwave oven, and a dining area.

(photo credits: last 2 photos, CME)

Don Renato Garden Villas is perfect for couple who want some quiet moments. The Don Renato rooms are available with one matrimonial bed or two single beds, a dining area, hot and cold shower, a microwave oven, a huge mirror by the bed, and an outdoor mini pool.

(photo credit: last photo, CME)

Water Facilities

The Buzzy River

The Buzzy River is a 600-foot stream of gently flowing water across 16,000 square feet of land. Guests can ride in rubber tubes and go by its riverbanks, thru waterfalls and under bridges, and just relax and enjoy the sounds and scenery. My husband really wanted to try this but unfortunately it was closed.

The Lap Pool

For swimming lessons and trainings

The Wave Pools

Club Manila East Taytay has 2 wave pools, the BeachWaves and the OceanWaves. The BeachWaves is a 19,000 square feet pool with waves of 8 different patterns and with maximum height of 4 feet. OceanWaves is the biggest wave pool and the first surfing pool in the Philippines. Its size is more than ten basketball courts combined. It is divided into 3 parts, the Diving Pool, The Family Waves, and the Surfing Pool.

The BeachWaves

The OceanWaves

It is closed for cleaning when we went there.

The 14 feet Diving Pool

The Lagoon

The Gigantic lagoon is a 9,100 square meter that holds the Sun-screened Pool, The Boating Area for the kayak and wake boarding, The Kiddie Pool (hope it is shaded too like the other pool) and the Giant Slide Pool (where you can’t slide).

The Kiddie Pool

With fountains and waterfalls that the kids will truly love.

The Sun-screened Pool

For those who are afraid of sun burn.

The Boating Area

The Club Manila East has in-house restaurant that serves Filipino and continental dishes. We ordered 2 CME clubhouse for P110 each, 2 pancit which is P75 per order good for 1 person, sizzling squid which is good for 2 persons for P170, sinigang na baboy (pork in tamarind based soup) which is good for 3 persons for P140 and leche flan for dessert for P50 per order. Some say the food is a little cozy but for us the price is just right for its good taste. If I am not mistaken, there are also other food stalls available during summer like Italianis and Shakey’s.

Like in any other resorts, you can only wear proper swim suits plus you have to wear a wrist tag while inside the CME premises. The wrist tag is water proof and will be given to you upon payment of the entrance fee. All accommodations have locks so you don’t have to worry about your things or leave a person to look after them. You just need to deposit P300 for the keys so don’t lose the key or there goes your P300.

Entrance fee is P350 per person. Children below 3 feet is free. Day accommodations ranges from P1,000-P1,500 and night accommodations from P3,050-P3,000. For other details, visit This is not a paid advertisement. Just wanted to share some details and pictures of CME’s facilities because their website is not complete.

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Hi Ashley. Doña Luz can accommodate barkadas or families. I just don’t know the maximum number of persons CME will allow to stay there as it has only 2 single beds.

hi! may bayad ba for every activity aside from the entrance fee? like gusto mu mag boating or surfing, you still have to pay something.. or are these free?

yes, everything is free except for surfing. food and drinks hindi pwedeng magdala sa loob. others bring foods but they leave them inside their vehicles in the parking lot then they just go to the parking lot on meal time and eat there.

Hi Rossel, thank you so much for sharing this information. Ang sarap mag bakasyon once in a while, and hopefully makapunta kami dito. Mukhang okey yung place.

BTW, I've got an award for you.

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