Funny Little Vendor

When RJ was still a baby, we didn’t use non-standard speech or baby talk to her because we didn’t want her to grow up with defective speech. We were glad that she can talk straight at the age of two which is very unusual to babies. But still she uttered funny words that make us laugh. These are words she pronounced based on how she heard them and one of these words is “enibalot”. This is how she heard the shout “penoy-balut” of the roaming nighttime street vendor. RJ will put something on top of her head imitating the vendor then will shout “enibalot”!!! Funny little vendor!

By the way, for those who don’t know what penoy and balut are, these are incubated duck eggs and two of the Philippines native delicacies.

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  1. hehe. children often speak words based on how they heard it. katuwa lang mga kiddos no? daming funny words na alam. hehehe. cute cute

  2. wow, weird but truly with a pinoy touch! kids are so cute when they start learning words, they come up with the funniest!

  3. Sa Mindanao naman, it’s shouted sa Balut Pinoy. LOL. It’s funny how kids try to imitate the adults. But it’s even funnier how Filipinos call the same thing differently; thanks to the difference in language/dialect spoken! 😀

    Visiting late for GT with A WORD THAT TRIZ FINDS TO BE REALLY WEIRD. Can you guess what that word is? Come and visit my post then! 😉 Thanks!

  4. haha! funny talaga! i remember my niece nung pumunta kami sa bohol. she kept on telling us that she likes “barkeyu” (barbeque). ang sabi ng driver namin na taga bohol, “samin po ang tawag barbecue”. the driver thought “barkeyu” ang tawag sa tagalog ng barbecue. Acheche!

  5. hi!

    followed u here… hope u can follow me back… thanks…

  6. LOL she reminds me of my toddler here hehehe

  7. ang cute lang! hihi oonga engeng balut pala sinasabi no hehe

  8. at least mommy Rossel, she has the idea of what penoy balut is… kids do really say the funniest things… visiting here… wala akong GT …

  9. I thought she was asking for balut… it sounded like “engeng balut” 😀

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