How to Find Jobs in Companies Abroad

Finding a job at a company abroad isn’t as difficult as many Americans might be inclined to think.

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Getting Hired Internationally

If you already have a job, then you might want to find out if the company that you currently work for has international offices. Talking to your manager about transferring to a similar position in an international location might be a possibility. You might be able to land a job outside the country that offers more pay and additional responsibilities if you take the time to ask around. A few of the different types of organizations in countries like Egypt that are likely to be hiring include Philip Morris International, Marriott International & Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC, and Shell Global. Searching on the internet may provide you with a limited number of results, but that isn’t likely to be the same thing as asking a real person for yourself. Engaging in a small amount of social networking is a strategy that is also likely to provide you with results. If you’re one of those who has acquaintances, former college buddies, or coworkers who have experience working overseas, then asking them what it was like might be the right step to take. Someone you already know might be able to provide you with inside information about what international companies are hiring or what it was like for them to have worked for an American company overseas.

Finding a Living Space

Deciding on a living space that is the right fit for your needs when you travel to an international location to work doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. If you’re still wondering where you will work when you get to your exotic destination, then finding employment that offers a living space as part of the compensation might be an option for you. Working as an apartment manager, live-in healthcare provider, or house sitter are only a few of the kinds of positions that may provide a living space for you. For those who might have already accepted a position overseas, conducting a search through the Internet is likely to open up opportunities to stay in hostels, settle on an apartment, or find roommates.

Becoming Acclimated to a New Culture

For those who might be planning to travel to a country like Egypt, learning at least a small amount of Arabic is likely to make the transition to a new job into a smoother process. Becoming acclimated to the language and customs of a new nation can eliminate misunderstandings in the workplace and help you to be more comfortable in your new environment. Culture shock isn’t always conducive towards efficient performance at work, and minimizing your level of discomfort before traveling overseas is likely to assist you with concentrating on your work.

Tips For Success

Like any other position, asking your coworkers and managers at your job overseas any questions that you might have regarding your work is advisable. If there is anything that you don’t know, then don’t hesitate to ask. You are likely to find that asking will help you more than staying silent and allowing yourself to remain in the dark.

Hala Jaafar, A freelance writer for Dubizzle Egypt, the #1 Egypt Classified Website.

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