How To Save Your Small Business from the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires can take place and their effects on businesses can be disastrous. There have been a number of serious natural disasters to have occurred in the last couple of years. While many businesses and families have suffered the consequences, some have suffered a lot more than others. It will all depend on the preparedness of the individual.

save your small business

There are various steps that can be taken that will ensure a business owner is prepared for any calamity or disaster such as a hurricane or brush fires.

– Find the most important financial and insurance needs

Any business owner or entrepreneur should secure suitable insurance that will protect them in the event of a flood or other disaster. Such disasters have the capacity and capability to completely wipe off any businesses. Some may be so unfortunate as to lose both the building and the assets contained in there. Having adequate insurance to protect against these sorts of disasters is very important. There are a good number of local insurance companies that have policies

While it is possible to receive some form of federal assistance, this may be very difficult for individuals without any form of insurance, especially due to the red tape that might be encountered. It is therefore essential to take out an insurance cover so as to be protected from the effects of a natural disaster.

– Having a suitable back-up plan

It is essential to always have a suitable back up plan. This is a plan that can be implemented when a disaster does strike and the business cannot be operated as usual. There are several ways of doing this. A business can choose to communicate using alternative means with customers, such as using internet telephone services when normal telephone services are unavailable.

A diversification of suppliers, customers and others should also be diversified. It is not good to rely on only one group of buyers, sellers and suppliers. A diversification will ensure that there is room to maneuver when the need does arise, especially in the event of a disaster. Also, all information should be backed up. This is very important. Businesses, companies, enterprises and other organizations should always back up their information and keep it safe at an alternative location. This way, all the important information will always be readily available, even after a huge disaster. Saving all information and then backing it up is one of the most important steps any business should consider.

–  Being proactive and well prepared

It is important to always prepare for events such as these. While everybody lives with the hope that natural disasters will not harm them or their businesses, the worst possible outcome still needs to be prepared for. This can be done by going through the motions in the mind. Going through them over and over and having a reliable contingency plan is very important.


All these plans are very important. Interested individuals seeking more information can be found in a natural hazard disclosure report as prepared by governments, researchers or other professional body.

Guest post submitted by Tricia Triplett.

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9 replies on “How To Save Your Small Business from the Aftermath of Natural Disasters”

This sounds very timely for business owners affected by the typhoon in ComVal. Back-up plan – I’ve become keen on that as I age ;p

When I was still working, we had what we call a contingency plan. Every department should device a list of what to do, what to have in case disaster breaks. This is really important so companies should know where to start after a calamity.

It is a priority for every business to be insured, like how a family should. Natural disasters are unavoidable but spending more for what it can bring a business can be avoided…

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