Sidney Sheldon- The Master Storyteller

When it comes to suspense novels, the only writer that crosses my mind is none other than the master storyteller, Sidney Sheldon. His books are what kept me awake aside from cross stitching on my graveyard shifts during the Pockebell days. I love this man and I love his novels. He has this different way of writing that will give you thrills and the desire to read his books from cover to cover. His novels are about interesting people who are caught in dangerous situations with very unpredictable endings that will keep you guessing until the end. This formula I guess is what makes his novels exciting and thrilling. 
Sidney Sheldon passed away on January 30, 2007 at the age of 89. He has over 200 television scripts, twenty-five major motion pictures, six Broadway plays and eighteen novels which have sold over 300 million copies (source). No doubt that this man was a genius.  
I have read all the books above and I love them all. If you will ask me if I will read them all again if given the chance, my answer would be a big YES without second thoughts.
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7 replies on “Sidney Sheldon- The Master Storyteller”

I do remember our times in Pocketbell, specially during idle moments. We all have our choice of novels to read. Sheldon is one of my favorite author too. Miss the old days! Take care.

his heroines are always interesting. sheldon is really a great writer, and his works transcends generations. i'll definitely encourage my daughter to read him 😀

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