Some Must Have Accessories for the Outside of Your Car

Ask ten people what the best kind of car is, some might say the luxurious Jaguar saloon, others might say their $2000 car. This also applies when it comes to car accessories.

Depending on your needs, you might be more interested in some of the following accessories than others. However, here are a few must have car accessories that many people find useful for the outsides of their cars.

Wide angle mirrors

First of all, when it comes to external car accessories, think of safety. A wide angle mirror attached to each of your regular side mirrors can make a big difference in your safety by allowing you to see more around your car while you are driving. This means you can effectively eliminate your blind spot, which dramatically increases your road safety. Look for the kind that can easily be stuck on to your existing mirrors, rather than the separate large kind that you see on pickup trucks, buses, and semi-trailers.

Fog lights

Fog lights are another excellent choice for external car accessories for the same reason as wide angle mirrors: they increase your safety. Fog lights make it easier for you to see when it becomes cloudy or foggy during the daytime or night-time as they shine at a lower level than your regular headlights.

Snow covers

If you live in a climate where you receive a significant amount of snowfall each year, you’ll want to invest in snow covers. Snow covers help you keep your car clear from snow if it falls overnight or even while you are at work. This way, you won’t need to spend several minutes scraping snow off your car or clearing ice from your windshield.

Cargo carriers

Cargo carriers are an excellent choice for individuals looking to increase the amount of materials they can haul with their cars. You can buy cargo carriers that attach to the rear or to the roof of your car, and they effectively give you several additional square footage of space to store things in.

Bicycle Racks

Finally, bicycle racks are worth looking into if you have a bicycle and are not able to fit it into your trunk, but are interested in traveling with it. You can have these attached to your roof or behind your boot, depending on the configuration that you prefer.

Attaching it behind your car is generally recommended for aerodynamic purposes as well as for bridge clearance, as it doesn’t add to the height of your car and it also helps you maintain your fuel economy, which is important in this age of high priced petrol.


In conclusion, everyone’s needs are different, which is part of why people drive lots of different kinds of cars. However, there are a few car accessories that many people generally find to be useful, and some of these might include wide angle mirrors, snow covers, bike racks, fog lights, and cargo carriers. Looking into your specific needs will help you decide which accessories you are most likely to benefit from.

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