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Many new business owners share the same dilemma of how they can get the word about their company or store out to their new customers and clients. While advertising is arguably the most effective method of getting the news out to the public that you’re in business, it is also the most expensive, with your having to spend thousands of dollars for an ad or a commercial in newspapers and television, respectively.

One way you can spread the work about your business or company is through handy giveaways like custom promotional items. A very popular type of a promotional item that is commonly given out by new companies is the custom sticky note pad.

“Custom sticky notes” is the general term for Post It Notes. These are pads ranging in sizes from 2×3 inch to 6×8 inch. One favorite type of sticky note is the Post It Cube, which come in sizes ranging from 2 1/8×2 1/8x 2 to 4×4×1. The top edge of each page has an adhesive strip so that you can stick the note anywhere without using tacks or magnets. Plus, it doesn’t leave any sticky residues compared to when you use tape or glue. Sticky notes come in single colors or you can have 4 colors in one pad. The best thing about custom sticky notes is that they are inexpensive. The more pads you order, the lesser is the cost.

With personalized sticky notes, you have the added bonus of having your company logo or your name and address printed on it. When you give your clients or customers personalized sticky note pads as a gift, not only are you thanking them for patronizing your company or store, you also give them a subtle reminder that you are available anytime if ever they should need your business again.

Why go for expensive ads that can drain your budget? Show your customers and clients your gratitude and remind them about you and your company at the same time through custom promotional items like personalized sticky notes.

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