Thank You

I received the most greetings on my birthday this year. Thanks to Facebook’s early notification…lol! Seriously, I am very happy that many remembered me on my special day. People who greeted me reached to 100 plus and I am overwhelmed. Most posted their greetings on FB, friends and relatives abroad called, and blogger friends exerted efforts in posting their birthday greetings. They are…
CECILE of Kitchen the Heart of Our Home, Small and Simple Things
Life is Good and Beautiful and Down Home with the Kenyons

CLARISSA of Kizuna

BAMBIE of Azumi and Fab Momma

My twin sister Rose of Obstacles and Glories, Etcetera Etcetera
Nostalgic Marveling and Spice Up Your Life

Thank you very much my blogger sisters! I really appreciate your efforts and greetings. More power to you and may our good Lord bless you more.
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