The Major Breakthrough Of The Internet

Over the last half century the pace of change in the life of technologies has increased beyond our wildest expectations. This has been driven by technological and scientific breakthroughs that are changing the whole way we view the world on almost daily basis. This means that change in the techy world is not always a personal option, but an inescapable fact of life, and we need to constantly adapt to keep pace with it.


Internet for one, for almost half of the century, researchers continued to work on the idea of a computer network that would allow the easy sharing of resources and information. A major consideration is for us to allow to communicate and to use the net as one large sets of computer that can be connected to one another. The objective was to develop communication protocols which would allow network computers to communicate across multiple linked paths.

The internet allows people who are both spatially and temporarily disconnected to communicate easily. The obvious example is Email along with the other social media the flooded the internet nowadays. It provides means of communication for people who are not free to talk at the same time to communicate with each other. They do not need to be physically present to communicate.

Internet was the biggest change that has a great deal of influence on us. It may not be always a personal option but a change that we easily adapt to keep pace with it.

Image Credit:
SOMMAI – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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