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The Evolution Of Technology Affecting People

Whether you’re an average teenager wanting to keep in touch with friends after school, or a business man needing a low cost but effective way of to keep work related material local and secret, chances are you use E mail or the social media services for communication purposes in this high tech lifestyle that exist today, these systems are used only with the basic understanding needed to run these devices. These are what we called The Net.

The internet has become a fully integrated part of our society, touching many aspects of our business as well as our personal lives. The Internet is so incredibly popular because it enables us to not only quickly access information from sources all over the world, but also transfer information quickly and easily. Businesses were quick in seeing the benefits the Internet would provide as well as common people who sees the benefits it can provide to their loved ones who s are away from them through various communications provided by the Net.

However, the positive affects the Internet merit, also leave room for the Internet’s negative effects as well. People have become so dependent on the internet that it has strongly affected everyone’s lives. People are beginning to avoid any personal interaction and they are taking their problems to the computer where they will spend hours trying to make themselves better. People may neglect work and social relationships as a result of internet addiction.

The Internet is a big part of society today and many people cannot go a day without using it. Although, the Internet provides sufficient information, and has proved to be valuable resources, there must come a point where one can draw the line on spending too much time on the computer.

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11 replies on “The Evolution Of Technology Affecting People”

few months ago, my rule is: no internet for me during weekends. what the…and here i am doing bloghop on a sunday afternoon 🙂

i get up in the morning checking on my email on mobile and the last thing i would do at night is to say goodbye to friends on FB…haha

INTERNET or WorldWideWeb
is now a MUST in every home
on earth to be updated in almost
every aspect of today’s life.
Pros and Cons of this advancement
should be taken much consideration.

anything in moderation is the key 🙂 the internet really made my life easier – from shopping to paying bills, and more. I feel crippled when our isp service is down hehe

Yes, the Internet has done a lot of good like making the world smaller and opening new opportunities that didn’t exist before the Internet became popular. But it has also brought about a lot more problems. Things like cyber bullying, widespread scams and identity theft, and something as people not really paying attention to their penmanship because they have the computer for that. Just goes to show that nothing in this world really is perfect.

Spending a great deal of time in front of the computer can be a time waster. There should be limits implemented and proper education of wisely using technology should be given, especially to children.

Indeed the internet has its positive and negative effects. We just have to set limits on its usage to appreciate other things around us.

Tim Berners-Lee was honored and part of the London Olympics opening ceremony. I wanted to tell, “Man, look what you’ve done!” There are positive and negative effects but the reality is his invention permeates so much on our daily lives.

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