The Pink Bib

RJ is not afraid of dentists. She was three years old when I tugged her along to my dentist and let her watch as the dentist clean my teeth. Then the dentist let RJ sit on the dental chair and count her teeth until she got well-rested. From then on, we visit the dentist regularly. There was this one visit that she got a big smile on her face. Reason? The pink bib that the dentist had on her.

Our brave girl in her pink floral dress and pink bib.

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  1. Just as I promised, visiting here for Pink Fridays for last week. Pink Fridays #58 is already up! Please read the post and leave a comment if you have added. Thanks!

    Pink Thoughts – Home of Pink Fridays!!

  2. what a brave pretty girl. Happy PF!

  3. mommy rossel, your daughter’s so brave! happy weekend!

  4. loving pink stuff!!!

    Visit my entry too: Whims and Views

  5. one big brave girl..

    happy PF!

  6. that’s nice, little girls will love that. she looks so relaxed, brave beautiful girl! happy weekend! 🙂

  7. The floral dress is very cute!

    Dora in Pink is my entry!

  8. One such brave kid! I hope my lil girl will also be like that when she grows up. 🙂

    Happy PF! 🙂

    ? Dhadha

  9. wow ang galing!

    My pink entry: Pink Pajamas

    I am a follower of your blog. I hope you can follow mine too. Thanks!

  10. very brave girl! I actually hate to go to the dentist when I was a girl.

    happy pink fridays mommies!

  11. she looks great and brave…Happy PF!

  12. Tapang nya! Yung daughter ko di ko pa nadadala sa dentist. Baka maglupasay eh!

    Nice one! My 5 y/0 daughter is also fond of pink.

  13. The Smart Shopper says:

    Good for her not being scared of a dentist. 🙂

  14. Awww akala ko pa naman baby nasa post kasi bib hehehe. ilang taon na ba anak mo mommy rossel, laki na pala mga anakins mo

  15. RJ’s dress has pink color, too! I like it. Such a brave girl. Jacob used to cry when we take him to his dentist appointment…now he is brave like RJ na :-).

    Thanks for stopping by Sel and for the comment left :-). Happy PF and weekend dear!

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