Things to Consider When Shopping Online

Most people today prefer online shopping than the conventional shopping which is running around from one shop to another. Why not if shopping online is more convenient than the latter? Yes, it is the convenience I think that the people like the best from shopping online. Now you can buy buy playbook or any gadget even if you’re in your pajamas, unlike before that you had no choice but to leave your home and visit the store.

Purchasing online has many benefits. However, just like any other transactions, it has potential risks. Your personal as well as your card details could be stolen and used for fraudulent purchases and activities.

What are the things to consider when shopping online?

  • The store must value a person’s privacy and confidentiality. Read their privacy policy first.
  • How long have they been in business? For your own security, shop only from reputable online stores. Read reviews from the store’s customers.
  • Know the terms, rules, obligations, and expectations of all parties to the transaction before you buy (shipping fees, warranty, policies for returning defective or damaged items, etc.).
  • Use credit cards when purchasing online. Both the card issuer and the retailer are liable when something goes wrong. As much as possible refrain from using your debit card as it might get hacked.
  • Is there a way to contact the store? Look for contact number where you can call to ask and to verify as well if the store is legitimate. If in doubt, do not complete a transaction.
  • Do they have refund policy? You cannot see the actual product and try before buying it. What if the product in the picture is different from the actual product? What if it doesn’t meet your expectations?

If you give proper attention to the steps listed above, shopping online can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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14 replies on “Things to Consider When Shopping Online”

It’s always important to shop online. Using coupon codes to get discount is also helpful. 🙂

thanks for the tips.. i prefer traditional shopping though. People today could use a little exercise even through shopping. 🙂

For me a refund policy is important because it cannot be avoided that some times you buy items that do not do not look exactly like the one in the photo of the item you bought. A merchant should be open to accommodate requests such as this as long as it is reasonable and within a time limit.

Thanks for sharing some of the do’s & don’t of online shopping. It is indeed fun to shop online but it takes a few glitches so as consumers, we all need to be extra careful so as not to be a victim to some fraud and make shopping online a convenient & safe way to shop!


It is indeed wise to keep things confidential when shopping online, so it’s very important to find a reliable online shopping site. As a consumer, we should read everything that binds us with the product & online site we’re buying products from with regards to return policy & delivery before we make any transaction. Thanks for sharing these thoughts to online consumers like me. It’s really a big help to us to know what are the do’s & don’ts of online shopping.


twice ive tried shopping via multiply. transaction went great. i did get the items:) at first, i was hesitant, so many “what ifs”…i guess, online shoppers need to be smart when choosing which online business to trust.

I only purchase to those who uses paypal as their shopping cart to make sure that my purchases are really protected.

Use Paypal to protect your card. I find it quite reliable when shopping online, and the added consumer protection is a plus. And the return policy is very crucial. A good e-commerce site must have a flexible and sensible return policy and will be of help when something goes wrong. So, read carefully!

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