Can You Save Money by Outsourcing IT Support?

Nowadays, a successful business thrives not only because of the person at its helm or the employees who work hard to keep the company running like a well-oiled machine. These days, the productivity of a business may be attributed to its IT department. Why is that? Well, the advent of technology has made people overly dependent on computers. Aside from that, consumers have realized the convenience of online transactions – shopping and paying for their purchases.

However, keeping and maintaining an IT support group can prove too expensive for a thriving company. Sources say an average network engineer (the person who handles the computer network and system of a company) earns anywhere between £25,000 and £45,000 annually. Hence, it’s easy to see that just the salary of a network engineer can have a huge impact on the profitability of a business.
outsourcing IT support

This is the reason why most companies are now outsourcing IT support. One such company that operates in London is Storm IT or, an IT company that provides outsourced IT support for companies. You may be wondering why there is a need to opt for outsourcing.

Consider this: if a company only has around 70 employees, will it be logical to hire a network engineer and pay this person somewhere around £4,000 a month just to maintain and keep the computer network up and running smoothly? Obviously, it isn’t, and this is why outsourcing is the best option.

When you outsource IT support, you will be able to save money. On top of that, you’re guaranteed of round-the-clock support and protection for your company’s computer systems. There wouldn’t be any need for you to pay salaries or other employee benefits and you wouldn’t have to worry about IT employees calling in sick. Most of all, it could mean increased productivity for your business.

What’s more, most companies that provide IT support charge you depending on how much you can allot for their services. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to pay for anything you don’t need. They would make sure that all your needs are fully met without going overboard in terms of pricing.

So if you have a business and you want to save as much as you can on your overhead expenses, look into the possibility of outsourcing IT support.

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