Exercisers that Will Keep You Fit While You Work

If you think that sitting for a long time is beneficial because it relaxes your nerves and muscles, then you’re wrong. Research and studies show that hours of interrupted sitting is hazardous to your health. People who sit for most of their day inceases the amount of insulin in their blood and are 54% likely to die of heart attack because of embolism or obstruction of the arteries. It would be better if you’ll have stretches and exercise in between paper works. Below are exercisers that will keep you fit while you work.

Disc O Sit Air Cushion
It is an inflatable cushion mimics the shape and movement of a ball. It is used to promote active sitting and better posture.

Therabands are resistance bands that are versatile and easy to use. It comes in varrying degrees that help improve muscle strenght and endurance.

Stress Ball or Therapy Ball
It is soft ball made of foam or soft rubber. It improves resistance of your fingers, hands and forearms.

Compact Stepper
It is a rotating platform that can be used either seated or standing. Its a great way for slimmer thighs, waist and abs. It also improves core strenght and coordination.

If you’re like me who spends most of the time infront of the computer, then you might want to have one or two of these handy exercisers. And oh, don’t forget the traditional exercises such as sit ups and push ups. Don’t worry about your boss. I am sure he knows that healthy employees are more efficient and productive which means greater profit.  🙂

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18 thoughts on “Exercisers that Will Keep You Fit While You Work

  1. There are many exercises which keep you happy throughout the whole day and make you more happy towards the work or your duty.

  2. Any suggestions on exercises to do (while I am not working :)) that will strengthen the lower back so (when I am working–sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours :)) my lower back isn’t super achey at the end of the day?

  3. I work loooong hours and I sit. Same with Gene, I’m only familiar with stress balls, which I don’t have.

    My immediate problem is a thickening waistline. My extremities are thin. Honestly, I’m afraid I’m starting to look like a log.

  4. long hours in front of the computer really drains out mental energy, it’s nice of you to share this post. at least, we can burn some fats while sitting.

  5. sis, ok na din ba hip hop abs? 😀 This reminds me I haven’t been to the gym for a week…my little boy is sick so I my exercise for now is to go up the stairs in the morning. 🙁

  6. I sit for about 12 hours per day in front of the computer. I need to exercise and lose some of my added ‘muscles’! 🙂

  7. i’m like you, sitting in front of the computer for more than 3 hours straight… which i know is not really good… would love to have that Disc O Sit Air Cushion. hehehe.. visiting here.

  8. isa sa mga best is yung ball exercise syempre di effected yun kung walang proper diet di ba?

  9. I am not much familiar with this equipment except for the stress ball hahaha. I looked for thera bands, looks like a useful tool with less space needed.

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