Passive Income with Rental Properties

Contrary to what people think, investing is not only for retirement. Most middle-aged people or even the younger ones are beginning to invest and strive to have passive income to enjoy a higher standard of living. That is why despite of the global crisis, financial institutions became highly leveraged. Investing doesn’t necessarily mean thousands or millions of dollars. It doesn’t matter if a person will start with $100 or $10,000 as a capital. What is important is to make the money multiply as much as it could through passive income.

Passive income is basically what you earn even without actively participating in the earning process. There are many ways to earn through passive income such as stock market, mutual funds, time deposits, etc. But a great way to generate passive income is through real estate as real estate has countless opportunities for making big gains most especially in rental properties. For bigger gains, an investor may find a property that will pay for itself or even makes him a little money each month. The demands in rental properties increase while the rents tend to go up each year yet the mortgage on the investment property remains fixed.

There’s no doubt that rental property investment can provide a steady source of income for almost a lifetime most especially in later years after the mortgages are paid off. However, as with any investment idea, investing in rental properties is not risk proof and requires a lot of patience. A rental property investor must understand the responsibilities involved and he must be knowledgeable in things like fair market rent, landlord and tenant laws, etc. If a person want to own a rental property, but don’t want the obligation of being a landlord, Jackson Real Estate may be the solution for him. It is but wise to outsource the management of properties to a trusted real estate management group like Jackson Real Estate most especially if a person owns more than three rental properties. The real estate management group usually handle all dealings with tenants, from finding and screening tenants to collecting rent to maintenance thus saving the investor from the hassles of maintenance and some work while earning.





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  1. I definitely agree with this! Actually, I’d love to invest on passive income opportunities in the future. It’s not just to join the bandwagon, but it’s really a good finance and lifestyle.. 🙂

  2. dapat you have to research what you will invest on as well.

  3. having property to rent for is such a very good business. It has only minimal costs to maintain one.

  4. Herbert says:

    I think you can get good commisions out of these if we get lucky enough

  5. I think passive income through real estate is one of the most creative ways to earn money. People will always be needing a house and not all will find that buying is the most logical way to do so. Some might not be ready to commit to a long term buy so they need to rent instead.

    My parents invest in properties and earn rental income through it so it can be effective when done right.

  6. Passive income is just what we need nowadays.You have a steady monthly income that will help for the daily expenses.

  7. I agree with everyone who commented. Let’s start while were still young but let’s be knowledgeable about it 🙂

  8. I have always believed in the soundness of real estate investment but your focus on passive income is enlightening.

  9. My dad has a 5 door apartment building which is where he gets his monthly income. He’s now 80 and at least he doesn’t worry about having no money for medicine maintenance.

  10. investing through this, is good and I don’t like networking type of investment…..

  11. Thanks for this. Kind’a makes you think.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  12. I agree. Passive income should be considered by everyone especially those with families who are really dependent on them. ^_^

  13. great tips here. if i have the dough^_^ i’ll probably invest in commercial buildings 🙂

  14. I think it would be good to start with rental business when you start acquiring properties and shifting to bigger properties.

  15. Great thing starts from small beginnings. Start investing while you are still young.

  16. tama.. malaki talaga ang natutulong ng isang passive income but much better kung leverage income… mas makita ang kita..

  17. laya florendo says:

    good advice! 🙂

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