Kinds of Insurance That A Company Should Have

Any business, big or small, would definitely need an insurance premium to prolong their stay in the industry. There are several types of insurance out there. Being well versed on what these insurance offer will not just ensure the future of your company but would also help you save up with what is deemed necessary.

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Property Insurance

This is a type of insurance that covers your company building including all the office equipment like computers, photocopying machines, and similar items. This would be needed in cases of natural disasters or perhaps incidents of fire.

General Liability Insurance

This insurance will cover cases wherein your employee, your products or services including yourself will cause any form of damages or injuries to another person, product or services.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In cases of accidents acquired while the employee is on duty, having this kind of insurance is of great help. It would cover up hospital expenses and salary while still recovering. Furthermore, the employee gives up his right to sue his or her employer if such incidents happen.

Life Insurance

All employees even the employer should have a life insurance while the business is going on. Dying these days also requires ample amount of money and these insurance companies will take of it.

Getting a business insurance policy for your company should be given careful thought. Aside from choosing the right set of products that match your business needs, one should also choose their insurance providers with prudence. A bad choice can lead to frustrations in claiming benefits or availing of their services. If you truly want to protect you business, then pick the ones that have been tried, tested, and approved by their clients.

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Life Insurance – Important Facet of Modern Life

It is no longer surprising that only few people know that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month as a lot of people still see insurance as their least priority. Until now they don’t realize the importance of insurance when in fact insurance is one of the most important facets of the modern life. Of course nothing can replace someone else’s health and life but insurance can take care of you and your family by easing the financial burden when accidents happen and you get seriously injured.

When buying life insurance, you may need to answer health questions on the application form. The extent of the insurance health questions may vary on the amount of the insurance policy. The bigger the insurance policy, the more detailed their questions might be. At life insurance no medical questions, all you have to do is answer a few health questions. There’s no time-consuming hassle of being checked by a medical examiner and having laboratory tests.

Some people think that because they have pre-exisiting medical condition, it would be impossible for them to get life insurance. Still, they can get life insurance even if they have been treated for some types of cancers or heart disease but with low benefit coverage or shorter term or limited death benefits.

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