In the Name of Love

I was curious why “In the Name of Love”, Aga Muhlach and Angel Locsin’s movie, is listed on the Top 20 highest grossing movies worldwide. So last Saturday, after doing the laundry with hubby, I watched it at a friend’s house. At first, I thought it was an ordinary love story but I was wrong. We were watching almost half of the movie but still we were clueless as to what really happened to Cedes (Angel Locsin) that made her forget Emman (Aga Muhlach) for years. It’s such a great movie with unpredictable story so you have to finish it until the end to know the real story behind the forbidden love of Emman and Cedes.


I was delighted that after so many years, I have seen again a local movie that is worth watching. No offense to the local movie industry but since Lino Brocka died, I can count on my fingers local movies that are sensible.

Again, that was a great Mom-me time with my friend.

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have also watched that too thru the net. Ganda nga! Yet I find it “annoying” when Aga’s still getting those kinds of roles and partners so young. I hope our local industry can make movies with lead stars that are apt with each other.

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