Protect Your Family from Sex Offenders

It was in newspaper headline yesterday a 15 year old teenager was molested by a 29 year old neighbor. What is happening to the world? Many criminals are on the loose especially sex offenders. Each year 350,000 sex related crimes are reported and approximately 60,000 to 70,000 sex crimes occur against children under 18 years of age.

Releasing of certain information about sex offenders to public agencies and the general public will assist in protecting the public safety that is why a database of convicted sex offenders are created. The public may receive information about dangerous sex offenders who live or work in each community to prevent further victimization.

It seems that your children are not safe anywhere, even in the place where the most powerful president of the world lives. More often than not,an abuser or abductor is known to the child. He or she can be a neighbor, teacher, relative, school bus driver or family friend. Do not wait until you are informed that a sex offender is living nearby to begin educating yourself and your family on issues of sexual assault. Through sexual offender in Washington’s database, you can find out how many Washington sex offender are living near your home and who these sex offenders are.

Be vigilant and alert too to protect yourself and your family. You can take simple precautions as follows:

• Practice good security at home, at the office, and in your vehicle.
• Educate yourself on crime prevention tactics.
• Organize neighborhood block watches, if desired by your neighbors.
• Make an effort to know the people with whom your child is spending time.
• Practice basic safety skills with your children.

Awareness is your best defense in sex related crimes. Educate yourself and your family about sexual assaults.

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One thought on “Protect Your Family from Sex Offenders

  1. Naku maniwala ka sa hinde Mommy Ross dito sa US kung may anak siguro ako I will be paranoid. Every how many seconds or minutes here (not so sure sec or min) may mga batang missing. Kaya dito you can hardly see kids playing around. I don't what happened to the world now parang nilukuban nang kung ano, lets just pray hard for all our safety and protection.

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