How To Be A Gracious Recipient

The adage “It is better to give than to receive” holds so much truth.  There is this unexplainable purifying joy that washes over you when you are being generous. But what if you are the receiver? Of course receiving something from someone makes you happy and you can share that happiness to the gift giver by being a gracious recipient. So, how to be  one?

When you already have the item…
Sometimes you might receive a duplicate gift or three.  In this instance, don’t say anything other than “Thank you.” It is something that the giver thought of. You can just regift the item to someone else or if you know where it was bought, exchange it for a different item. In that case, the giver’s money and effort will not be wasted.

Money gift…
Be discreet. Keep the amount to yourself. There is no need to embarrass the receiver. He/She may have given you less than the others but in gift giving, there is no small or big amount.  Remember that it is the thought that counts.

Broken gift…
Sometimes you will receive a damaged gift like jewelry with lose gemstone beads or porcelain that is broken. When this happens, again, just keep it to yourself and don’t tell the gift giver. Who would gift you something that is broken anyway? It may have been damaged from the delivery. Just check (if it is possible) where it was purchased and know if it can be replaced by the store with a new one.

You don’t like the gift…
Don’t raise your eyebrows. The givers love buying presents but they love your reaction even more. They would be delighted to see your smile and appreciation. A big hug and/or kiss on the cheek can make the gifter ‘s day as well.

Make a list…
Note down who gave you what.  The list will serve as you reference when you are about to make your thank you notes. Why write thank you notes? It is because one act of kindness deserves another. Don’t you think so?

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Gifts from Mommy Clang – Bento Accessories

When I heard the voice of our new postman, my heart leaped and I had goose bumps. I already knew what it is about as I and RJ were waiting for it. Weee, I was right! It was a parcel from my very good online friend, Clarissa of Kizuna and Brilliant Days. I know Mommy Clang doesn’t want her gifts to be posted online but this is the second time I received gifts from her so it’s about time to disobey her. I want her to know how thankful I am. So what’s inside the parcel?

Bento accessories!!!

Bento Accessories

bento picks, bento sauce and condiments containers,
egg molders and a lunch box

Actually, I requested for it. That’s how barefaced I am. Lol! Seriously, when RJ saw Mommy Clang’s bento, she kept on bugging me to make bento for her school lunch. If you have no idea what bento is, you can check Mommy Clang’s bentou’s here, here, here and here. It’s hard to make bento without the needed tools so I asked Mommy Clang if she can buy for us then I’ll just pay her through paypal. But Mommy Clang is so generous that she sent it as birthday gifts for me and RJ. Teehee!

birthday wishes

birthday card, postcard for me, hello kitty postcard for RJ,
a note and birthday wishes from Mommy Clang

God is so good for giving me good and generous online friends. To you Mommy Clang, thank you very, very much from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to meet you and your family someday.

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Coolest Mom on Earth

I am going around about what to give my Mom this Mother’s Day. I became a good mother because of her. She instilled good values that served as my guide and led me to be a great Mother that I am and will be to RJ. And for that, I want to give her a special gift this Mother’s Day to show my appreciation and recognition for all the things she has done for me and my siblings.

Mom is the best mother one can have. She’s a good listener and very open-minded. We can share with her problems about money, kids, partners and even the very personal ones. Would you believe she gave me two sexy underwears before I get married? It’s not the usual wedding gifts mothers give to their daughters but it is Mom’s unique way of saying, “Hey, you can count on me about anything and everything.” Whenever we do something wrong, she doesn’t get upset. Instead, she is trying to help us in the most responsible and fairest way as possible. She is the coolest Mom on Earth!

Yes, all mothers brought children to this world but not all accepted the responsibilities that came along with it. All mothers provide their children with love and care but not all are willing to give up their career, their pleasures and full time like what Mom did. All mothers play and listen to their children but not all are as cool as my Mom. If there’s one best thing I have learned from her, it is how to become the best mother…that is why she deserves something special. Any gift suggestion?

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Gift Giving Protocol

I have received so many gifts and most of them are from Rhonnel. The best gift I have received is the Esprit watch from him. It is not extravagant but it is the very first gift I received from him. I am using it for 12 years now. It is older than RJ.With occasion or not, Filipinos love giving gifts to their loved ones. Receiving gifts from the ones we loved give us joy. Gift giving can be traced back to about the Romans. The Emperors present each other with good luck tokens. The gifts were originally evergreen branches, and later developed into cakes, to symbolize prosperity and sweetness in the coming year. The rest is history.

Gift giving varies among different culture. Would you believe that number plays an important role on gift giving?

Japanese regards to gift giving with highest importance. It is the Japanese’s way of communicating respect, friendship and appreciation. The word “four” in Japanese is “shi,” which is associated with the word for death so avoid giving gift in four.

If you are giving gifts to a Chinese friend, as in Japanese culture, it is proper etiquette to present gifts with two hands. Don’t give gifts in single or odd numbers for it implies loneliness or separation. Gifts given in pairs are highly appropriate as it equates good luck.

In Thailand, it is acceptable to wrap gifts in brightly colored gift-wrap and ribbons for Thais love bright colors. Three is considered a lucky number.

In Korea, generosity is viewed as a valued personal trait so whenever possible, present an expensive gift. Four of anything is considered unlucky.

It is important to consider their culture before giving gifts to our friends from other nation. Click here for more international gift giving protocol.


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Great Gifts

When my husband and I found out that I am pregnant, we were so excited that the first thing we bought is our baby’s memory book. There we filed my pregnancy test and ultrasound result and all of her pictures from the day she was born to her 6th birthday. She’ll be celebrating her 7th birthday on July and the pictures will be added on her keepsake book. Baby memory book is a good gift. We always give memory books on baby showers. Posy Lane has a great series of keepsake and memory books. They have lots of gift items too like the draw string laundry bag with shoulder straps created from Mint’s signature fabric and with colorful designs. Personalized kids backpack are available too, designed for children as young as four and up to teens. Like the laundry bag, the kids’ backpack is also made from Mint’s signature fabric and with colorful designs. Visit Posy Lane for great gift ideas. 


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