10 Extraordinary Swimming Pools

We woke up at 28oC. Whew! This hot and sticky feel at 7 in the morning is unusual. Obviously, global warming is the cause of this stifling summer… the reason also why almost all resorts and private pools are fully booked. We went to 9 Waves last Sunday to celebrate my FIL’s birthday. We were surprised to see the huge number of people and to think that it was just 7am. If only we have a swimming pool of our own but apparently, we can’t afford to have one even if there are discount pool pumps and all.

So for now, we will just visit nearby resorts, out of town beaches and dream of these resorts and hotels with extra ordinary swimming pools to alleviate the hot and sticky summer-feel.

The Icebergs – Sidney Australia (by Gary Hayes)

The Badeschiff – Berlin, Germany (by maurizio.mwq)

Rio Calma Fuertevertura – Costa Calma (from the web)

The Pimalai Resort – Koh Lanta, Thailand (by gkamin)

Atlantis Palm Resort – Dubai (from the web)

Harbour Plaza Hotel – Hong Kong (by PVCG)

Intercotinental Hotel – Hong Kong (from the web)

San Alfosno del Mar – Algarrobo, Chile (by Thiago Graca Couto)

Golden Nugget – Las Vegas (from the web)

The Joule Hotel – Dallas USA (from the web)


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Sunrise is Worth a Thousand Words

A picture of sunrise is worth a thousand words. Just like this picture (one of my favorite that was taken from Puerto Galera) that conveys different ideas.

It looks as if the sun is setting but it’s a picture of sunrise that symbolizes birth of a new day or to some people, it means fresh start or the beginning of a new life.  Sunrise also gives hope and glory to others.

For hubby and me, it is a great sight to start a perfect day. Watching it reminds us that we are on a great vacation…a vacation that every moment should be cherished.

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Anawangin Cove

Have you been to Anawangin Cove? Anawangin Cove is a pristine white sand beach located at San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. It is the most popular destination for campers.

Anawangin CoveAnawangin

I haven’t been to Anawangin Cove. I just saw these photos from my brother’s album. They are breathtakingly beautiful!


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Deep Blue Sky

Whenever we are outdoors, I love to catch everything I can on my camera. I always admire the beauty of nature…insects at work, birds soaring high, colorful flowers, open fields, big open skies, etc. This is my latest catch…deep blue sky with soft cotton-like clouds.

deep blue sky

Stunning and beautiful, is it not?

The nature is just amazing. I hope everyone will do their share to save them.


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Black and White Photos

I love black and white pictures. They remind me of those photos from the past. The good thing is you can now restore old photos and take out those blemishes through photo restoration. You can even give them new life by adding some colors and have good quality hard copies using laser printers.

But I still prefer the black and white. Color does add to a photo but black and white can tell just as much about a photo. That is why when I see these pictures of this model, she’s my cousin by the way, the first thing that crossed my mind is to post and brag about it.

black and white

The black and white effect is perfect for her cat-imitating make-up. The model is so chic. Well, she’s not a professional model but she has the potential. Isn’t she? See how she emotes and smiles? Her poses are just as chic as the black and white effect.

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