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The Train is Coming!

I was so overwhelmed by what my bestfriend told me yesterday. She said I can grab her photos and use them on my posts. By the way, my bestfriend’s name is Hazel who is now migrating to Canada with her family. They are now in Canada to fix some papers and at the same time to have their vacation. Certainly, vacation is not complete without sightseeing and visiting wonderful places. Hazel said that while they were strolling, she remembered me when she saw gardens and landscapes so she photographed them. Isn’t that sweet?

Below is one of the pictures that caught my attention when I browsed her album.

Photo by Hazel Kampitan

…rail track in good condition with spotless surroundings. So clean that you can’t spot any trash on the ground, not even a piece of candy wrapper. Along sides are greens that will astonish you during your train trip.

It makes me wonder why we can’t have the same clean railways here. Railways should stir up economic development but seems like what is happening here is the other way around. Railways are in poor conditions and there are areas that are fairly miserable.

Photo by GEDL Kounosu

The squatters’ shanties are along sides. Some are even occupying the railroad’s right of way; they cook, play basketball, gamble, children are playing and running across, etc. that is why accidents and deaths are just but common in areas like this. If someone shout “the train is coming”, all those on the tracks will go to the side but there were unlucky who get stuck and hit. They didn’t see that along with the train is death.


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2 replies on “The Train is Coming!”

I really hope that one day we would have clean and better trains and railroads. I wish that politicians spend the budget on sensible things like this instead of putting up billboards and waiting sheds.

Thanks Bes. I like your blog. I really hope that the PNR will improve our railways. I saw one time on TV the initial trip of Bicol Express. The train coach was nice (used coach donated by Japan) and was comfortable, the passengers were excited and didn’t mind paying a little more on the fare. The trip was smooth until they reached somewhere in Quezon when the train has to stop because of the landslide that made the soil/the ground dangerous for the train to continue:( In addition to clearing the railways, the government needs to also look deeper on the safety of our railway tracks. Good luck Secretary Mar Roxas!

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