Don’t Drive Distraction Campaign

1000 young driver were asked about their behavior behind the wheel, and it became instantly apparent, that young drivers rely heavily on technology whilst driving. Due to this, they created this eye opening infographic. It highlights what apps are used, to help raise awareness of distracted driving.

In light of this, ingenie have created their ‘‘#DontDriveDistracted campaign’. Be sure to join in and pledge to not drive distracted on Twitter, Instagram or Vine using the hashtag… #DontDriveDistracted

10 Most Distracting Mobile Apps
Brought to you by ingenie

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Another Nightmare

Typhoon Sendong reminded me of typhoon Ondoy that hit Luzon, Philippines two years ago. How would I forget Ondoy? My family were ones of the badly affected then. But the death counts made Sendong the deadliest typhoon to hit the country as it surpasses that of Ondoy’s. Crops and entire homes were flashed away by the ramaging flash flood leaving aftermath debris. The affected Cities are unprepared of the onslaught and may need equipment lease to clean the debris.

What happened in Mindanao is another nightmare for the Filipinos that may be too much to handle for the others who had lost their loved ones. I can’t help myself from crying when I saw on the news yesterday that a Mother lost her 4 children. It was too heartbreaking.

That is why we are pleading to those with good hearts to help these victims of typhoon Sendong (Washi) in Mindanao.

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Bald Mountains of Isabela

It was my first time to the second largest province in thePhilippines…Isabela. I can say Isabela is one of the provinces that were filled with greens when God poured paint on Earth.

green rice field

We passed by rice fields and the long enthralling zigzag road…hills and mountains on one side and ravine on the other side of the zigzag road.

zigzag road
green rice field

I am thankful that “Buboy” is a good driver.  I am grateful as well of the fascinating sceneries. It is what made our trip fun (except for the bald mountains).

bald mountain
bald mountains of Isabela

Sceneries like these are disheartening and these are all because of illegal logging that ripped through mountain ranges. I won’t be surprised if there’ll be recurring floods and deadly landslides again in Northern Luzon. Perhaps more should enroll in online masters degreeprograms in geology, to reduce the risks.

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Filipino Discipline at Its Finest (Part 3)

Whenever I go out I always have my camera with me and act as paparazzi ready to take pictures of anything that I find interesting. Good thing that I have it that day and was able to catch these undisciplinary acts. On the signage is “Bawal magbaba at magsakay dito” (loading and unloading here is prohibited/no loading and unloading here).

Filipino Discipline

But the jeep where I and my daughter are riding pulled over right in front of the signage then the barker (the one waving his hand) called for the passengers. Another Filipino discipline at it’s finest that was caught in the act.

discipline at its finest

I just want to clarify that not all Filipinos are like them. It’s sad though that there are few who until now do not know how to follow instructions and rules. When are they going to learn?

By the way, did you notice the man in red? Oh yes, he’s going to pee at the light post, there in public, in broad daylight. Tsk tsk tsk!

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Hats Off to Hardworking Filipino Workers

I don’t know how long he stayed under the scorching heat of the sun to sweep and keep the sand out of the road. I am wondering how much he is earning per hour. I just hope he is not one of the underpaid Filipino workers.

Filipino workers

Scenarios like this help me to appreciate more my part time job. I can work in the comfort of my home at my preferred time. I don’t need to inhale all the dust and be burnt under the fiery heat. On the other hand, this man is still lucky for having his job as there are many jobless Filipinos. I admire his fortitude and diligence.

According to statistics, the total number of unemployed Filipino workers as of 2011 is 2.9 million. Most of them are newly graduates that are being added to the labor force each year. Some of them are those who still believe on the traditional jobs; that the graduates of nursing should work as nurses, graduates of engineering should be engineers, and so on and so forth. They don’t realize that the country has over supply of labor force on popular careers like nursing. I can’t blame the licensed professionals who prefer to work non-traditionally; call center agents, sales agents, product dealers, etc. It is better to work non-traditionally yet earn as much or maybe more than to be jobless.

Hats off to all hardworking Filipino workers!

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