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The World Is Changing: What Small Businesses Need To Know About The Way Customers Use Internet

The consumer’s way of thinking and purchasing goods and services are dramatically changing. Traditional advertising mediums such as The Yellow Pages, newspapers and magazines are more costly and less efficient than ever. But then came the Internet. Yes, you may already know this as a consumer yourself; however if you own a small business and require knowledge on how consumers are using the Internet today, then keep reading, as this article will elucidate the different strategies you need to identify about keeping your business and consumers satisfied and connected.

customers use internet

1. Staying connected and updated

First of all, most of your consumers would have a reliable Wi-Fi system for their devices whether it’s with leading wireless Internet specialists Myport or reliable free Wi-Fi in public spaces. Every modern consumer is connected online, this it’s vital that you and your business stay linked and relevant with them. You can achieve this by treat your consumer as if you’re in a romantic long distance relationship together. Consistently keeping them posted on what’s going on at least 3-4 times a day, all new projects that’s flourishing and media-related information relevant to the both of you are key factors in creating consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers investigate businesses online before they visit or call them; identify this is as an opportunity to build a devoted customer as opposed to a once-only affair.

2. Quality content

Customers are looking to find the best advertised content whether it’s a particular product or service. With so much information and media released every second of every day, creating quality content that is relatable to your brand and important to your customer is a selling point that will transform clicks in to sales. Whether it’s an image of a new product, or a blog about a new service or deal you’re promoting, ensuring that your content fits in with your customer’s brief can also convert to shares and new ‘likes’ on social media.

3. They love social media

Although this may sound like an obvious statement, most mobile device users with constant Internet access at least have one or two social media platforms and profiles. If they don’t, that’s just like purchasing an iPod that doesn’t have an earphone socket; you can still have access to some of the apps but its main feature is complete unusable. Therefore, if you’re running a small business, generate social media platforms that relate to the product or service you’re offering. Your target market can be found anywhere from Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, watching and waiting impatiently to peruse through your collection and goods. As this is social media after all, ensure that the tone of your language is related to the tone of your brand. Creating relatable and accessible content creates a positive relationship between the involved stakeholders.

4. Online purchasing

Researcher Roy Morgan stated that more than 50% of Australian shoppers shopped online in 2013, a staggering figure indicating that small businesses should incorporate and develop official websites that allow consumers to purchase goods and services on the web. Being conscious of your keywords utilising SEO is an effective way of receiving organic searches and traction on your website, translating in to sales, sales, and more sales!

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I completely agree with you on the value of social media, a majority of the items I purchase have social media accounts and without them I doubt I would see some of their new products since I fastforward through tv commercials. Great article and insight.

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