I Hate Funky Loud Music

I hate hardcore music. Some people, the teens especially, think that this kind of music rocks. What is so lovable with the music that is screaming from the beginning ‘til the end? It is so annoying! I do not know if my age has something to do with my annoyance but I just hate it.

Hardcore music is commonly heard on “Patok” jeepney which is very popular among students because of its speed and funky loud music. When you are boarding this jeepney, you have to repeat what you are saying three times, the least, because the driver can’t hear you. So if you do not want to have any hearing problem, do not ride on this heavily decorated jeepney with a speedy zigzag motion.

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21 thoughts on “I Hate Funky Loud Music

  1. grr!!!hate it talaga sumakay sa jeep na may ganung music..

    Mine is done sa wakas! So late… Care to peek?
    My GT Music that I Hate

  2. haha! sakit ng ulo yung mga ganyang jeep. ako naman i can stand some of that type of music due to exposure to husband’s music (he likes the loud type) but not every day! i’ll have chronic migraine if i get exposed to that everyday. LOL

  3. quite agree- i hate the thumpy feeling that hardcore music brings in the chest- saka its all base… i don’t think its music at all, just pure noise.

    Have a great weekend girl, have a look at my entry too.
    I Love Darly
    Food and Passion

  4. Same here, I hate those loud cacophonous sound with blasting speakers and woofers to bombard our ears. They are no longer music but plain noise. I love soft mellow music for a change. Thanks or the post. God bless you all always.

  5. Same here, I hate those loud cacophonic sounds with the full blast of their woofer and speakers. To me those loud funky sounds are no longer music but noise that cause headache. I prefer soft mellow music. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  6. Mommy I used to love this type of music too, but eventually as I accumulated age.. i began to let go… my ears can’t take it anymore… heheheh..

  7. good thing i have never rode a jeepney with that funky loud music. but, the bad thing is I always catch the jeepneys that play jologs radio songs.

    here’s my hated music

    happy hwebes!

  8. I know what you mean. I avoid those jeepneys because even for a short distance ride, you will get a pounding headache from the loud music. Noise pollution na nga ata yun!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ha 😉

  9. I’m with you Rossel, I don’t like loud music either and I don’t think it’s anything to do with age I think we must both have good taste 🙂

  10. i know exactly what you mean sis, i experienced riding these sort of jeepneys for several times + it was really a major headache! am your newest follower, btw. hope you can drop by my new blog (www.jaredslittlecorner.info) ^^

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