Music Business for Music Lovers

Most of the owners of music related shops or establishments are more likely musicians or those who have interest in the music industry itself. Those who can no longer get into the limelight can become mentors or start their own music school.

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When parents want to enroll their children in a certain music school, common question that they would ask is the credential of the mentors or perhaps the owner of the company. It’s always a requirement that he or she is a music enthusiast or someone who has that ample experience in the world of music.

If a person think he has that qualification, then there would be no reason for him not start a business related to music. If the person is a musical instrument player of some sort, most likely he knows the top quality instruments and can give reliable pieces of advice to his clients. He won’t hesitate recommending brands because he had hands on experience with them or perhaps own one at the moment.

Starting a music business is not just about having the capital funds but always having the basic know how on the items or services you’re offering.

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Music Inside the Office

music inside the office

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When you’re a typical office worker who has been facing the computer the entire day and doing all sorts of paper works, you might as well need a stress reliever. It is something that can’t be distracting. One perfect example is playing background music in your workplace. There are offices that allow this as long as the kind of music being played is not too loud.There are also a lot of things to consider when doing it because you might be disturbing a co-worker who can’t concentrate when music is being played. If you really want to listen to you favorite songs, you can at least utilize your earphones and keep the music to yourself. Just make sure you’re not doing it when talking to a client or your boss because it is totally rude. If it’s totally not allowed, you can at least check the internet and key in for music stores in the search bar during your break time and just fill yourself with music related information.

In some workplaces, the management even placed a centralized speaker that plays music inside the office while everyone else is working just to promote relaxation. It would somehow give them diversion from the typical sound of the keyboard or clanking of the machineries.

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Choosing the Right Amplifier

The person’s love for music makes him decide to purchase an amplifier either for his or her car’s audio system or for his or her own music room. These aren’t just simple speakers and one should note that it should not compromise the quality of the sound you want to amplify.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right amplifier. These would become your basis to acquire the amplifier that your truly need.

First and foremost make sure that your amplifier is properly matched with the speakers of your sound system. One can be done through the use of RMS Power Rating. This is to make sure that your speakers can handle the power the amplifier offers

Another thing to be considered would be the power of the amplifier. This is one of the first things being asked whenever someone wants to buy DOD Amplifiers. One should be knowledgeable enough of the Ohm’s load or impedance capability which means the resistance of the current flow presented by a speaker and being measured in ohms. Take note that the user of the amplifier will always load it with the maximum specified impedance (4 ohms). The higher impedance that will be loaded, the lesser the power the amplifier can have. It would be of great help if you know how are the speakers to be installed to have any idea how many ohms will be loaded. Usual presentation would be ‘4 ohm stable’ or “stable down to 2 ohms’, etc. This is going to be confusing so the sales person can help you out with it.

Last thing that should be noted would be the filters of the amplifiers. It can be low pass or high pass. The low pass filters will be routed to the subwoofers while the high pass to the midrange and tweeters.

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Her Love for Music

Our daughter is musically inclined. Picking up the songs tunes and memorizing the lyrics comes easy for her. It is also easy for her to grasp and learn musical instruments. When my cousin taught her to beatbox, she learned easily.


When RJ was still a baby she already showed interest in music. She shakes whenever she hears a beat. She still does now and she is singing all day…well almost. When she was 5 years old, she asked for an organ. Hubby and I gave it to her as our Christmas gift.

music lover

On her 9th birthday, she asked for a guitar. Because we want to support her enthusiasm and love for music, we bought her a pink guitar.

pink guitar

Just yesterday, she said she wants a drum set and electric guitar with on board tuner just like what my bother is using. We want to stimulate her interest in music but we do not want a band here in the house. 🙂

Sometimes the sound of her musical instruments is pissing me off most especially when I am blogging and needs to concentrate but still we are thankful that she is so talented.

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Natural Talent for Music

RJ is also musically inclined. She loves to sing, play organ, guitar (which I will feature next week) and now she loves beatboxing. My youngest brother has beatbox and RJ loves playing it. No one taught her how to play so it is amazing that she develops rhythmical feeling and beats as she plays.

little girl playing RJ playing beatbox with guitar accompaniment from her Uncle Moises

little girl playing

smiling to Mommy while beatboxing...

I took guitar and piano lessons when I was in grade school but didn’t learn a bit. I love music too and I can carry a tune in a bucket but seems like my hands and fingers have the passion of their own and that is arts and crafts. We are glad that RJ has this natural talent for music. Of course not all kids who loves music will become singers or musicians someday…it’s not our goal anyway, but still we want to stimulate and enhance RJ’s love for music by supporting her all the way.


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